Specialty Coffee: 5 Best Ways to Make It More Special

pouring coffee in a cup

Whether you are working from home or go to your office daily, a cup of morning coffee is the most important thing to kick-start your day. A rejuvenating cup of coffee is more than just a necessity – it is a cup that jolts your mind and prepares your body for fighting tiredness and lethargy.

The previous year, especially the lockdown situations, provided people with ample time to discover a lot about their personal preferences and hone their skills. While some surpassed mastery in baking, several people jumped on the bandwagon of trying out new coffee types or excelling in brewing specialty coffee. There is nothing like being your own barista and finding the right blend and method of brewing coffee.

This article is dedicated to making specialty coffee in five different ways. There is no standard right or wrong option in choosing a specialty coffee. It is not just about the coffee being strong or weak, sugarless or with sugar, and black or white. It is merely about what you need there and then that day.

Some days, you might want a clean and sweet cup, while you might crave a rich and strong-tasting coffee with a hint of chocolate the other days. Therefore, specialty coffee is all about your preference.

Making Specialty Coffee in 5 Different Ways

First and foremost, you need to have roasted specialty beans. You can find them near you at various cafés or stores. Or you can also order specialty coffee beans online and avoid the hassle of going to the store.

Once you have got the beans business sorted out, you can settle down and relax. Now, you can decide which method you want to follow for brewing your specialty coffee.

Here are five ways to brew specialty coffee at home:

1. French Press

French press specialty coffee

This method will yield an extremely strong and full-bodied cup of coffee. All you have to do is take about 2 to 3 tablespoons of your favorite coffee grounds and mix them with approximately 300 ml of hot water. This brewing method takes about 3 minutes to be prepared. After waiting for 3 minutes, pour out the coffee and enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed specialty coffee.

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of enjoying specialty coffee, especially on days when you have no extra time on your hand.

2. Cold Brew

Cold brew specialty coffee

This is to satisfy the cravings of a chilled cup of cold-brew coffee that has long-lasting effects on your mind. For this heavenly brew and blend, you just have to get a jar and put in 5 tablespoons of your favorite coffee grounds. Then add about 300 ml of water (room temperature) and let it sit overnight after stirring it thoroughly.

Strain the mixture the next morning, and you have got delicious iced coffee that will last you for about a week! This cold brew coffee is best-served half and a half – means you have to mix half coffee concentrate and half ice. This method makes a strong cup of cold-brewed coffee.

This cold brew takes more than 12 hours to brew, but you can easily make big batches of it and store it for future use. If you use these proportions, your cold coffee concentrate can last you about a week.

3. Latte

latte specialty coffee

This is the most indulging cup of coffee that is the most suitable when you want to feel relaxed. For this method, you have to grind about 18 to 20 grams of coffee beans or get grounded ones of the same quantity. The next step is to tamp the coffee – a procedure of packing the coffee grounds so that the extraction is even.

After this, you have to lock the portafilter in the machine while you sit back and relax. The machine extracts the grounds into perfect espresso. Prepare froth from 300ml of milk and then pour the froth into the espresso. You can even create cute little arts while you are pouring froth over the espresso.

4. V60

V60 specialty coffee

This type of coffee method will yield you a crisp cup of coffee that is full of flavor. Firstly, you have to pre-wet the filter so that the filter is free from any residue. Add about 20 grams of medium-coarse coffee grounds and pour approximately 50 to 60 ml of hot water. Wait for half a minute and then pour another 200 ml hot water in circling motion.

Once all the water has filtered through the coffee grounds (it takes about 2 to 3 minutes), pour yourself a delicious cup of V60.

5. Coffee Drip Bags

Coffee Drip Bags

This method of specialty coffee is ideal for a light yet refreshing cup of coffee. You might be surprised at the convenience of this method as you just have to open the bag of your favorite coffee beans and place the coffee bag in your favorite cup. Pour water into the cup and wait till it drains. Despite the simplicity of the method, you will get to taste the most delicious cup of coffee.

This method of preparing specialty coffee is the best when traveling.

Whether it is hot or cold brewed coffee that you prefer, your cup of specialty coffee is what you decide to have at the moment. Of the numerous ways to treat yourself, being your own barista is the best you can do! Just note these methods down or bookmark the article for future reference. This is the ultimate key to preparing a perfect specialty coffee at home.