15 Different Coffee Types and How They Are Made

A person pouring coffee into cups

Coffee is more than just a drink for many coffee lovers – it is a way of life. Coffee lovers tend to find new types of coffees and test them.

You can find coffee in various types, sizes, flavors, and consistencies. It takes a long time and tasting of several different coffee types to discover the best of all.

You can find a long list of different coffee types at your nearest Starbucks, but isn’t it better to know how each type is made so that you can try your hands on it the next time? Be your barista and prepare the coffee that you like at home.

1. Espresso

espresso coffee

This is the purest kind of coffee you can find. An espresso is fundamentally the essence of all coffee types. On the surface, making an espresso appears to be quite the simplest of all. However, it is very difficult to master.

You have to pour boiling water with very high pressure through the fine coffee grounds you have and then collect the coffee in a mug. This is what there is to an espresso: only water and coffee. This is the truest essence of coffee.

2. Café Americano

Café Americano

This type of coffee is just an addition of water to a single shot of espresso. It is for the people for love espresso but cannot handle the boldness and strength of the said coffee. The folklore narrates that café Americano coffee is named after a practice of American soldiers during World War I. They added more water to their espresso to make it last longer.

3. Café Latte (aka Café au Lait)

latte coffee type

Usually, there are not a lot of cafes that know the difference between a café latte and a flat white. Café latte is quite famous among coffee lovers. It is made from steamed milk (also known as scalded milk) and one shot of coffee. This type of coffee is very frothy and is loved by coffee enthusiasts who love a creamy texture in their coffees.

4. Cappuccino


This is probably the most known type of coffee around the world. A cappuccino is made in layers, like a cake. For making a cappuccino, you first have to get an espresso shot in a mug followed by a shot of steamed milk. The third and final layer is the layer of froth poured by the barista using foamy milk.

5. Flat White Coffee

Flat White Coffee

Flat white is a Kiwi coffee originating in New Zealand and Australia. A flat white is made by using steamed milk from the bottom of the jug (as it is usually not very frothy). This creamy milk is poured over a shot of espresso, and voila! A cup of piping hot flat white is ready.

6. Long Black

Long Black Coffee Types

This is another very famous Kiwi coffee that is popular among coffee lovers. Long Black is made by pouring two shots of espresso over hot water in a cup. It is an inverse of Americano coffee. Long black coffee is quite strong. It has a creamier foam over the espresso shots than an Americano.

7. Macchiato (aka Piccolo Latte)

macchiato coffee types

Macchiato appears to be very similar to a cappuccino, but in reality, it is stronger than a cappuccino. A macchiato is made by pouring a shot of espresso into a cup that is topped with foamed milk. The difference between a macchiato and a cappuccino lies in the absence of steamed milk in a macchiato. Also, it is served in smaller quantities – usually in an espresso cup.

8. Filter Coffee

Filter coffee

Filter coffee has only recently become popular again among coffee lovers. It can be made in either hot or cold water. If brewed cold, filter coffee makes a delicious cold coffee. For this type of coffee, the ground beans are put in either hot or cold water to soak overnight and then filtered out. The liquid that is left behind is used for making hot or cold coffee as your mood pleases. This is less watery than an Americano and less bitter than an espresso.

9. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee Types

Irish coffee is not the one that you can drink plenty in a café and reach home by yourself. This type of coffee is made with Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream. It is not available at all the cafes due to the alcohol content but if you can find it anywhere near you, let yourself taste this heavenly coffee.

10. Vienna Coffee

Vienna Coffee

This type of coffee is prepared by mixing two espresso shots with whipped cream on top in place of milk and sugar. Vienna is like the coffee that makes espresso less strong and creamier for people who love to taste the purest form of coffee but with cream.

11. Affogato Coffee

An affogato is considered to be more of a dessert than a type of coffee. It is prepared by pouring an espresso shot over ice cream. The result is delicious than ever and can satisfy your quench for coffee while satisfying your sweet tooth!

12. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee owes all of its fame and glory to the pandemic. It became an internet sensation during the lockdown when people started to play around with various coffee ingredients available at home. It is made by whipping together instant coffee, sugar, and a little bit of hot water until you get a creamy froth. Then add this creamy froth over hot or cold milk and enjoy this delicious coffee.

13. Doppio

Doppio Coffee

Doppio is an Italian word for double. Therefore, Doppio coffee denotes a double shot of espresso coffee. Therefore, the ideal serving for this is pouring 60ml of espresso in a 90ml cup.

14. Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is more towards the sweet side. In other words, it is also not very strong. It is made by combining ground coffee with sugar and water.

Moreover, it is served in a 200ml cup topped with foam.

15. Frappe

Frappe Coffee

Frappe is one of the fanciest coffee types out there. It has the least amount of coffee compared to other coffee types. It is usually served cold, and made by mixing instant coffee with sugar and water. Then cold water is added along with some ice cubes followed by coffee foam on top.