What is Affogato Coffee?

Affogato Coffee

While several coffee types are familiar to our ears, affogato coffee might be the one you have heard less about. Affogato is fundamentally a tantalizing combination of hot and cold listed as a desert in various cafés. However, there is no shortage of cafes and coffee lovers who consider affogato as a beverage. Let us take a plunge and know more about this coffee.

A Peek at Affogato Coffee

Affogato is an incredibly delectable blend of two opposite tastes: a hot espresso shot and a scoop of ice cream. It comes from Italy, where it is a dessert. Affogato in Italian translates to “drowned,” – which is an accurate description of what this coffee is. The simplest explanation is that an affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned in a hot shot of espresso.

Do You Eat or Drink Affogato?

This is one of the most asked questions related to affogato. There is no standard correct answer for this. Generally, you need a spoon to eat affogato. Nevertheless, once your ice cream drowns completely in the espresso, you can sip your hot/cold beverage and do it justice!

Making Affogato

It is one of the easiest and quickest desserts one can prepare. The things you need to prepare this exceptionally delectable delicacy are:

  • A shot of espresso (freshly brewed from the espresso machine)
  • One big or two small scoops of vanilla ice cream or gelato
  • Shaved almonds, chocolate curls, or mint depending on your likeness of garnish


  1. Prepare a hot steaming shot of espresso from your espresso machine into a cup.
  2. Get your hands on the extremely chilled vanilla ice cream or gelato and put in a tall glass.
  3. Pour the hot shot of espresso over the ice cream or gelato right before serving.
  4. Garnish with chocolate curls or drizzle with almond shaving for enhancing the flavor of affogato coffee.

Note: To give your drink a fancy touch, chill the glasses you want to serve affogato in so that ice cream melts slowly, and you can devour the dessert for longer.

Variations in Affogato

Variations in affogato coffee imply that people experiment by changing the ice cream’s flavor or playing around with caffeine’s strength in espresso. Some of the variations of affogato include using caramel or chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla.

People also prefer a different blend of espresso, which calls for a variation in the standard affogato coffee. Preparing espresso with double ristretto tweaks the flavor of the coffee and makes it more intense. Some people experiment with fruit ice creams and stick to them when ordering affogato.

Moreover, one of the affogato’s variations includes preparing the coffee with liquor known as affogato corretto. It is made with Grappa, an Italian pomace brandy. Other versions of alcoholic affogato include using Irish liquor prepared by combining milk and whiskey. You can also prepare alcoholic affogato using Kahlua, a coffee liquor.

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