What is Long Black?

    Long Black

    If you could count all the variants of coffee around the world and in the United States, there might be a whole thesis dedicated to it.

    The cappuccino and espresso, where it all started from, have become the focal point from where all the variants arise. It is either a little less milk in cappuccino, a lesser strength espresso, or something else that springs a new form of coffee.

    Long black coffee is mostly native to Australia and New Zealand. It is very similar to Americano coffee but has a stronger aroma and refined taste. Historically, when Italians only loved an espresso or cappuccino, the baristas were puzzled when American visitors came looking for a large cup of black coffee.

    Nevertheless, they adapted quickly and started serving them large black coffee compared to small espresso shots common at that time.

    Again, the American visitors requested the baristas to make the large black coffee with a little less strength. The Italians perfected the order by increasing the serving of espresso and making it a tad bit less strong by pulling a single espresso shot in a cappuccino already filled with hot water. This is how the long black was born.

    Changes in the Long Black over Time

    Commonly, the long black is made by pulling an espresso shot over hot water instead of adding hot water in the extracted espresso shot. This is the ideal way to make a delicious and irresistible cup of long black coffee.

    However, some variations in this type of coffee include making it with a double ristretto shot. This variant results in a creamier cup of coffee that is very strong and has less acidity.

    How to Make a Perfect Cup of Long Black?

    Long Black

    The water used in making this coffee is about 3.5 to 4 ounces heated up to 158F. This temperature is ideal for producing a cup of long black that is sweet and full of flavor.

    The customers cannot drink it immediately after serving because the long black is prepared by pouring espresso over hot water,

    Heating the water up to 158°F (70°C) helps bring the drink come down to a bearable temperature.

    Steps to Prepare the Long Black

    • The ideal combination is 23 grams of ground coffee, 20 grams of extracted coffee, and about 20 seconds to pull it off.
    • Prepare a small cup (150 to 200 ml) with about 80% of water heated to 158°F (70°C), which means it should not be boiling water but relatively hot.
    • Fill your portafilter with the ground coffee by using the double basket.
    • The last step is to draw exactly 20 grams of coffee over hot water in the cup.
    • Press start and extract your perfect blend of long black.

    If you still have to decide on your perfect coffee type, then this could be worthy of giving a shot!