What is Caffè Americano?

Caffe Americano

Do you often stop and wonder what type of coffee suits you the most? It is a difficult question as there are numerous types of coffees. The best way is to order and taste every one of them to know what type clicks with you. Espresso is like the most fundamental type of coffee. It is often used as the basis for defining all the other types of coffees that exist. Let us explore more about one form of espresso ordered and preferred by many, known as Caffè Americano or Americano/American.

What is Americano?

Caffè Americano

Typically, an Americano is just water added to espresso. It is suitable to say that an Americano is a diluted version of an espresso with either water to espresso ratio of 1:1 or 1:3. As the name suggests, Americano is popular in America, and as the word goes around, Americans find raw espresso a little hard on the palate. This is why Caffè Americano in America will probably have more water than in other parts of the world.

Though Caffè Americano does not originally have milk in it, some people prefer it with milk. However, never expect any barista out there to add milk to your Americano unless they are specifically asked to do so. Americano can be iced as well! So, for all the cold coffee lovers, this is a great option to explore.

Origin of Americano

The term Americano was originally coined in the 1970s. The historic accounts reflect that Caffè Americano has its origins rooted in World War II, wherein the American soldiers would prefer adding water to the typical espresso.

How to Prepare an Americano?

Usually, the additional hot water for Americano is derived from the same espresso machine, but you can also heat water in a kettle. However, the most important aspect of preparing an Americano is the order in which water is added to the espresso. The hot water should be poured in first before the shot of espresso.

Easy to Prepare

One of the best things about an Americano is that it is not a type of coffee that is dependent on the espresso machine. Not many coffee enthusiasts can buy a semi-automatic espresso machine; a manual brewing method can also serve you a delectable shot of an Americano. One of the highlights of this coffee is that it can be a refreshing alternative to dairy-based coffee types. So, when are you making a cup for yourself?


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