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This site is all about sharing friendship, love, and happiness to a cup of coffee. We unfold exceptional coffee experiences in a manner of sharing you our love for coffee. Lovers.coffee brings you an everything about coffee from gourmet coffee, do it at home coffee blends, history of coffee, choosing the right coffeemaker, coffee fashion and coffee travel blogs.

We have three categories on this site, for the convenience of our readers.

General Article

We share on this page anything about coffee from;

  1. Choosing the right coffee roaster
  2. The best coffee makers
  3. Do it at home coffee blends
  4. History of coffee
  5. Health benefits of coffee
  6. Coffee tips and tricks
  7. Coffee Hacks
  8. Coffee beans
  9. Coffee roasting



This page is where you can find coffee culture around the world. We take you around the world and explore the best coffee places in town while enjoying a cup of coffee for coffee lovers.


Nowadays holding a cup of coffee is a fashion statement. Whether you are walking in the park or driving in the streets of the United States, you will spot people walking with coffee cups in places. We also share with you some art coffee ideas, coffee fashion hacks, coffee quotes and quizzes on this page.

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