Red Eye and Black Eye Coffee

Black eye coffee

What do you do to jolt yourself out of the bed blues and get kicking for the day? If coffee is your answer, then you are not alone. With dozens of variations of coffee all over the world, there are a few that speak to your taste palette like none other. For some people, the kick of a simple cup of coffee is not enough as their body craves more caffeine. So, how about adding an extra shot of espresso?

Therefore, if you are all in for adding the extra shot, get accustomed to terms such as Red eye and black eye coffee. All these variations are beloved by black coffee lovers who like their java shots strong and energizing.

Origin of the Term ‘Eye’

Though there is no historically reliable source to back this, the folklore asserts that the term red eye or black eye was initially coined for people having strong coffee to keep them up – such as flight operators and attendants.

The use of strong cups of coffee to keep them up, eventually ending up in red eyes, led to calling these variations of coffee by the term ‘eye.’

Black Eye Coffee

You can have black eye coffee iced or hot – depending on your preference. It is a very simple coffee that has a double shot of espresso added to it. Moreover, the way it energizes you is very relatable to being punched in the face. It gives a strong jolt of energy that gets you started for the day.

Follow the steps below to make this coffee:

  • Prepare the double espresso shot first. You can make it any way you prefer – be it on the stovetop espresso maker or the automatic machine.
  • You can adjust the strength of the coffee as you like. This will give you about 60 ml of espresso.
  • Now, make the coffee by heating water in the kettle and boiling it.
  • While the water boils, get your coffee making in the French press or whatever you use.
  • Pour the boiling over the coffee.
  • Now, combine the espresso shots and the coffee.
  • You can enjoy a delicious cup of black eye coffee as it is, or you can add milk and sugar.

Red Eye Coffee

A Red eye coffee is a little less strong than a black eye coffee as it has only a single espresso shot added to it. However, the only difference setting both of these coffees apart is the concentration of caffeine. A standard regular serving of Red eye coffee consists of around 160 mg of caffeine compared to about 223 mg in black eye coffee.

What Different Terms You Can Use For Red Eye Coffee?

Your use of the term Red eye coffee might not necessarily yield the same reaction from baristas all over the country. There are numerous interesting names this coffee goes by, including:

  • Sludge cup (Alaska)
  • Shot in the dark (New Mexico, SW Colorado)
  • Train wreck (California)
  • Stink eye (Oregon)
  • Oil spill (Kansas)