Our Top Picks for Low Acid Coffee Brands

Low Acid Coffee Brands

Finding the best low-acid coffee brands at the supermarket can be a nightmare. There are so many different brands, products, and containers that we end up spending more time reading the packaging than actually figuring out which one will taste good and doesn’t cause our heartburn to act up.

If you have ever suffered from stomach upset after drinking coffee, this blog is for you. I will discuss the best low-acid coffee brands which are better for you.

Choosing the Right Low Acid Coffee Brands

The pH scale measures the acidity or basicity of a substance. Pure water has a pH of 7, which is considered neutral; substances with a pH less than 7 are acidic, and those with a pH level greater than 7 are basic or alkaline.

While most people associate acidity with coffee, the majority of coffees actually have a PH balance of 5 (slightly alkaline). Many juices have a more acidic taste than coffee. Cranberry juice has a pH of 2-3, and orange juice has a pH of 3-4. Additionally, dark roasts tend to have less acidity than light roasts despite the fact that they may taste bitter.

You’ll hear two terms when looking for coffee with low levels of acid: treated low-acid coffee and inadvertent low-acid coffee.

Treated low-acid coffee is not naturally low in acid; it’s processed to remove acidity. Inadvertent low-acid coffee has naturally low acid levels, but it was not originally processed as such.

Our Top Picks for Low Acid Coffee Brands

1. Lifeboost Low Acid (Organic)

Low Acid Coffee Brands

Lifeboost’s low-acid organic coffee is made from organic Arabica beans. This kind of coffee is good for people with acid reflux, who have to watch their intake of acidic foods.

The coffee grown at Finca San Jose grows at an altitude of 5,700 feet. The soil is rich and fertile, and the rivers that run through the Nicaraguan Highlands are full of minerals. A group of giant guava trees shades the coffee plants, creating a lush environment in which they can grow.

This coffee has a pH level of 6.0. The value is lower than most coffees and makes it easier on your stomach.

2. Mommee Coffee Low Acid Blend

Low Acid Coffee Brands

My top pick for decaf, low-acid coffee is Mommee Coffee, an excellent option for pregnant women. Overall, I think it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to moderate their coffee drinking habits.

Water or chemicals are the top choices when it comes to processing coffee beans. The chemical method, which involves harsh solvents, is generally considered inferior to a water-based decaffeination process because it can alter the taste of coffee.

But the best thing about this coffee brand is that it uses water processing to decaffeinate its coffee. This is because chemical processing is much less healthy than this method.

3. Volcanica Komodo Dragon Coffee

If you’re looking for a mellow coffee from an elite coffee-growing region and don’t want to break the bank, this coffee brand is perfect for you.

The Komodo Dragon Coffee Company grows its coffee beans on the islands of Indonesia, where the soil rich in volcanic ash provides a perfect environment for growing coffee beans.

The beans are medium-roast and undergo a wet-hull processing method. This process reduces acidity.

The flavor profile includes floral, chocolate, and woody notes, making it one of the most unique blends available at Volcanica.

4. Volcanica Low Acid Coffee Blend

This blend is ideal for coffee drinkers who want to experiment with single-origin beans but are sensitive to stomach problems.

They lightly roast the beans in this blend, which are naturally low in acidity, so that the beans retain their unique flavor. The company sources its beans from Arabica varietals grown at lower altitudes in Brazil and Sumatra.

These factors allow this exquisite blend to deliver a unique flavor profile that is both subtle and easy on your stomach.

5. Bulletproof Medium-Roast Organic Coffee

Bulletproof’s Premium Medium Roast is a high-quality coffee, but its price kept it from being at the top spots.

The coffee beans are first roasted to bring out their full flavor, then ground and brewed with hot water. This coffee has an excellent smooth flavor without that “oomph” the caffeine gives you. I just love it!

But it’s not as good as our top three choices, which cost less money and deliver more quality than this choice does. It’s a great coffee, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a truly exceptional cup of Joe.

6. trücup Low Acid Coffee

Trücup is a Seattle-based coffee company that sells a low-acid blend of beans from around the world. They use a natural process to remove acidity from the coffee without sacrificing flavor, caffeine, or aroma.

Trücup’s Born to be Mild variety has a pH level of 5.74. And it is 60% less acidic than other leading coffee brands.


Knowing how to avoid acidy coffee brands is the first step towards ensuring your coffee remains a necessity, not a nuisance. Sometimes it’s simply impossible to find a 100% one hundred percent a hundred percent low acid coffee.

Many people are happy to switch from regular to low-acid coffees, so I have created this list with you in mind. The differences between these brands can affect the taste, but many people like switching once they are aware of the effects regular coffee have on their bodies.