How to Help Your Favorite Local Coffee Shops Survive the Coronavirus


Many of us are feeling the pressure that the current Coronavirus pandemic is putting on the world. We’re all nervous about how our local economies will be able to bounce back and how this will affect our local communities in the long-term. If you’re a frequent visitor of Lovers.Coffee, we know you love your coffee shops and may be curious about what you can do to support them during these frustrating times. 

Here are a few ways you can help your favorite local coffee shops to survive the Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Pre-Order or Use the Drive-Thru.

    Although restaurants and coffee shops are closing their seating areas, many still are providing services through the drive-thru and pre-order services. Some are evening offering free delivery to your door. Call your favorite local coffee shop and ask them how they’re still serving the community.
  2. Consider Stocking Up on Coffee Grinds, Etc.

    We’ve all started buying a few (or more) extra products for the home to minimize the amount of time we need to expose ourselves to the possible spread of the virus. Many cafes offer their own mugs and coffee items. Before purchasing your k-cups and coffee grinds from the big box grocery stores, consider getting a few products from your local coffee shop.
  3. Gift Certificates Go A Long Way.

    As crazy as things seem right now with the rising spread of Coronavirus, things will get better and start to go back to normal eventually, which means coffee shops will go back to full-capacity at some point in the future. Try purchasing a gift certificate or two (they make great gifts) that you know you’ll use later. This extra money provides your local coffee shops with extra means to stay open longer.
  4. Show Coffee Shops Your Support

    If you’re feeling the economic strain yourself and can’t support your favorite coffee shop financially, there are other ways you can still let them know you care. Share a post on social media and tag your local shop to let them know you miss their coffee and friendly baristas. These small gestures let cafes know they’re still loved and also keep their brand’s awareness up.
  5. Stay Home as Much as Possible

    The only way that we can truly help minimize the impact that this virus will have on our local and global community is to heed the advice of our leaders and health experts and stay indoors, practicing social distancing. Every time you go to the store, visit your friends or refuse to self-isolate when required, you’re increasing the time that it will take for us to rebound for the Coronavirus.

We’re all going to get through this together and if we keep communication open, we can support all of our local businesses through the next few weeks, months, or for however long it will take for things to go back to normal. What are you doing to support your local coffee shops while keeping up with social distancing? Let us know in the comments.