Valentine’s Day Coffee Recipes for Your Sweetheart


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I am very excited to write this blog for you guys. Nothing says I love you more romantically and warmly than a hot cup of sweet coffee drink. To keep your loved ones happy this 14th, I have come up with the best Valentine’s Day Coffee recipes. So, let’s get started.

1. Red Velvet Latte

Beautiful Red Velvet Caffe Latte

Red velvet latte is one of the velvety Valentine’s Day coffee drinks that your sweetheart will surely love. Grab a saucepan, simmer a cup of milk, and add one tablespoon of sugar to it. Stir the milk well until the sugar dissolves, remove it from the stove, and add a quarter cup of chocolate morsels. Once the chocolate melts in the warm milk, add half-cup of coffee, half tablespoon of vanilla extract, along with three drops of red food coloring.

Top the cup with whipped cream, add some chocolate chips, and it is ready to serve!

2. Chocolate Strawberry Mocha

Chocolate Strawberry Mocha

This perfect concoction of the most sensual flavors of love will surely stoke the flames of passion in your loved one’s heart. To prepare this recipe, you need two espresso shots, two tablespoons of chocolate and strawberry syrup. Stir in both these syrups in the espresso, add steamed milk, and garnish with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and more chocolate/strawberry syrup (only if you want).

3. Black Forest Latte

Black Forest Latte

I am a big fan of black forest cake, and if you are too, this Valentine’s Day coffee recipe will make your taste buds go crazy. The best thing about the black forest latte is that it is easy to make. You need two espresso shots, 10 ounces of German chocolate syrup, and 10 ounces of Black Cherry Syrup as the main ingredients. Add these syrups in the espresso along with six ounces of steamed milk. Finally, top the cup with whipped cream, chocolate shavings or chips (whatever you like), and Maraschino cherries.

4. Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha

Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha

Do you like the combination of fruits and chocolate with coffee? If you or your partner do, you must consider making this recipe on the 14th. To make raspberry white chocolate mocha, you need one cup of simmered milk; stir in a quarter cup of chocolate morsels in it until melted. Pour the mixture into a cup and stir in half a cup of coffee along with a tablespoon of raspberry spirits.

Before serving it to your special someone, make sure to top it with whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate shavings.

5. Cupid Cappuccino

Cupid Cappuccino

Valentine’s Day is meant to be sweet, and on such a sweet occasion, desserts are the best choice. In short, the sweeter, the better. Cupid Cappuccino is the sweetest, creamiest, and smoothest coffee beverage that you can easily make at your home. To prepare this Valentine’s Day coffee recipe, you need an ounce of chocolate syrup, half tablespoon of sugar, half an ounce of Amaretto, and a quarter ounce of Crème De Menthe.

Mix them all together and add that mixture to a shot of espresso with four ounces of frothed milk, and voila! Your recipe is ready.

Don’t forget to top it with whipped cream and Valentine’s Day sprinkles to complete the look. Your partner will surely fall in love with it (and you too) on the spot.

Valentine’s Day and Coffee – A Sweet Combination of Love

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love and eating something delicious (sweeter) together while looking into the eyes of each other. Check out these mouthwatering coffee recipes, choose the best one you like, and try it this Valentine’s Day. And yes, don’t forget to tell me how your sweetheart likes it.