How to Keep Social With Your Friends When You Can’t Meet for Coffee


We’re now coming up to a few weeks into the craziness that has transpired across North America and the world. Covid-19 has been spreading since December, but we haven’t felt the strain of it at home until recently. March has been an extremely long month and it’s been frustrating staying indoors under quarantine and social distancing ourselves from our friends and family.

Coffee is something many of us love the taste of, it keeps us sane, awake, but it’s also an exceptionally huge social drink that brings people together over conversation and caffeine.

We may not be able to meet up at the local Starbucks or cafe, but there are still ways you can meet for coffee without breaking the enforcement of self-isolation or risking the spread of the coronavirus.

  1. Social Media Groups.
    There are plenty of groups on Facebook for coffee lovers, including our own. These groups are excellent places to meet with friends or strangers around the world to discuss coffee or share stories. Don’t forget to brew your favorite blend before engaging – to get the full experience!
  2. Make the Most of the Time You Have With Your Loved Ones. If you’re spending time with those you live with such as your children or significant other, instead of going off to drink your coffee alone or get some work done, sit down at the table and just discuss what’s on your mind. Don’t be isolated from the ones you live with.
  3. Facetime or Video Chat With Your Friends.
    If you don’t have an Apple device, you can chat and drink coffee with your favorite cafe mates over Facebook Messenger, Skype, or any other chat platforms. Just because we’re on “social isolation” doesn’t mean we can’t stay social.
  4. Make a Phone Call. Texting is great, but hearing someone’s voice can go a long way to curbing the feeling of self-isolation. If you’ve just brewed a mug of coffee, call up someone you love and let them know your plans for the day and find out how they’re doing.
  5. Have a Virtual Watch Party on Netflix. What’s great about this opportunity as it gives you the chance to stay social for longer periods of time. If you run out of things to say, just discuss the movie. To use the virtual watch party setting, you will need Google Chrome.

Remember to keep staying active and healthy throughout this entire self-isolation period and to stay home. The more you stay home and only leave for essential reasons, the sooner things will go back to normal and you will be able to meet your friends at the local coffee shop again.

What are you doing to stay social while in quarantine during Covid-19/Coronavirus? Let us know in the comments.