14 Things You Didn’t Know Your French Press Could Do


The French press is a beloved coffee brewing device known for its ability to produce rich, flavorful coffee. However, this versatile tool can do much more than just make your morning cup of joe. From frothing milk to making cold brew, the French press can be a kitchen powerhouse. In this blog post, we’ll explore 14 surprising and innovative uses for your French press that go beyond brewing coffee.

1. Frothing Milk for Lattes and Cappuccinos

A French press can double as a milk frother, allowing you to create barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos at home. Simply heat your milk (dairy or non-dairy) until warm, pour it into the French press, and pump the plunger up and down rapidly. The result is frothy, airy milk perfect for topping your favorite espresso drinks.

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2. Making Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is known for its smooth, less acidic taste, and a French press makes it easy to prepare. Add coarsely ground coffee and cold water to your French press, stir, and let it steep in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours. When ready, press down the plunger and enjoy your homemade cold brew over ice.

3. Infusing Oils and Vinegars

Infused oils and vinegars can add a gourmet touch to your cooking. Use your French press to create custom flavors by adding herbs, spices, or fruits to olive oil or vinegar. Let the mixture steep for a few hours, then press down the plunger to strain out the solids. Store your infused creation in a bottle for later use.

4. Rinsing Quinoa and Other Grains

Quinoa and other small grains often need to be rinsed before cooking to remove bitter saponins. A French press can simplify this process. Place the grains in the press, add water, and use the plunger to agitate the grains. Drain off the water and repeat until the water runs clear.

5. Whipping Cream

For fresh whipped cream in minutes, look no further than your French press. Pour cold heavy cream into the press and pump the plunger until the cream thickens. Add a bit of sugar or vanilla extract for a sweet touch.

6. Straining Homemade Broths

Homemade broths and stocks can contain bits of vegetables and meat that need to be strained out. Pour your broth into the French press and press the plunger down slowly to filter out the solids, leaving you with a clear, flavorful liquid.

7. Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

A French press is an excellent tool for brewing loose leaf tea. Add your tea leaves to the press, pour in hot water, and let it steep to your desired strength. Press the plunger down to separate the leaves from the brewed tea and pour.

8. Making Herb-Infused Water

Stay hydrated with herb-infused water using your French press. Add fresh herbs, citrus slices, or berries to the press, fill with water, and let it sit for a few hours. Press down the plunger to keep the herbs and fruit at the bottom and pour yourself a refreshing drink.

9. Mixing Cocktails

Mixing cocktails in a French press allows you to easily combine and infuse flavors. Add your ingredients, including fruits, herbs, and ice, then use the plunger to muddle and mix. Pour out your perfectly blended cocktail and enjoy.

10. Separating Egg Whites and Yolks

For recipes requiring separated eggs, your French press can help. Crack an egg into the press and slowly press the plunger until the white is pushed through the filter, leaving the yolk behind.

11. Preparing Fresh Fruit Juices

Make fresh fruit juices by blending fruits with a small amount of water, then pouring the mixture into the French press. Press down the plunger to separate the juice from the pulp. Enjoy pure, homemade juice without any additives.

12. Grinding Spices

While not its primary function, a French press can help crush spices. Place whole spices in the press, use the plunger to press down, and twist to grind them. This works best with softer spices like cinnamon or cloves.

13. Making Flavored Syrups

Create simple syrups infused with flavors using your French press. Dissolve sugar in hot water, add flavorings such as herbs, spices, or fruit, and let it steep. Press down the plunger to strain out the solids, and store your syrup in a bottle for cocktails, coffee, or desserts.

14. Clarifying Butter (Making Ghee)

Clarify butter by melting it and pouring it into the French press. Let it sit to separate the milk solids from the fat. Press down the plunger to hold back the solids and pour out the clear, clarified butter.

Tips for Using Your French Press

  • Proper Cleaning: To maintain the versatility and functionality of your French press, clean it thoroughly after each use. Disassemble the plunger and filter, and wash all parts with warm, soapy water.
  • Use Coarse Grounds: When brewing coffee or tea, always use coarse grounds to prevent clogging the filter and to ensure a smooth press.
  • Experiment with Ratios: Whether you’re making coffee, tea, or infused drinks, experiment with the ratio of ingredients to water to find your perfect flavor balance.

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The French press is a remarkably versatile kitchen tool that goes far beyond making coffee. From frothing milk to preparing fresh juices, this simple device can handle a variety of culinary tasks with ease. By exploring these 14 creative uses, you can make the most out of your French press and add convenience and flair to your kitchen endeavors. So next time you reach for your French press, remember that it’s capable of much more than just brewing a great cup of coffee.