10 Valentine’s Day Desserts for Your Loved One

Red Wine Chocolate Snack Cake

If you ask me, I find the homemade Valentine’s Day desserts with my partner more romantic than eating them at a cafe. Although dining out at a fancy restaurant while holding your partner’s hand has its own charm, nothing can beat homemade food made with pure love. And, the best thing I like about homemade food is that there is no limit to customization. My husband loves what I do with desserts to make them customized according to our taste.

So, are you ready to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day to make mouthwatering dessert? Let’s get started with ten of the best Valentine’s Day Desserts that will make your meal extra special!

1. Miso Chocolate Tart with Black Sesame

Miso Chocolate Tart with Black Sesame

Who doesn’t love tart? If you and your partner have a special place for this delicious dessert in your hearts, then you must check out this recipe. It uses a touch of white miso to balance out the dark chocolate filling, resulting in a mouthwatering moist and not-too-sweet dessert.

To read the full recipe, click here.

2. Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

This lovely dessert strikes a perfect balance between sweet and salty that your partner will surely drool over. Its peanut butter filling topped with delicious whipped cream will take you to another world.

Check out the full recipe here.

3. Chocolate Mousse in Glass

Chocolate Mousse

The key ingredient to making the best mousse is using the right chocolate. Not everyone knows what type of chocolate to use from literally thousands of types available on the market. But, I don’t like to keep things from my readers. So, in this chocolate mousse recipe, you want to use the best semi-sweet dark chocolate, such as the Enjoy Life Mega Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks.

In simple words, the better the chocolate you use, the better the mousse will be.

For the full recipe, click here.

4. Milk Chocolate Pots de Crème

Milk Chocolate Pots de Crème

Pot de Crème (or Pot of Cream in English) is a traditional French recipe served in (yes, you guessed it right) a pot-shaped cup. It is super silky and dense, just the way all the dessert lovers like.

To read the full recipe, click here.

5. Lemon Curd Tart

Lemon Curd Tart

If you like to get a bit creative in the kitchen with your food, this is the recipe you should try. Just prepare the shell for the tart, and for the topping, whip the leftover egg whites until you make a meringue out of them. Once done with everything, don’t forget to garnish it with mixed citrus segments, as they will add a natural sweetness to balance the tart flavor of lemon curd filling.

For the full recipe, click here.   

6. Praline Brownies

Praline Brownies

Brownies are the favorite dessert of every person having a sweet tooth. These delicious, fudgy brownies made with brown sugar, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate don’t just look good but taste great too. Oh, and how can I forget mentioning the crunchy bites of nutty pecan praline in these brownies – they have my heart.

To check out the full recipe, click here.

7. Raspberry-Coconut Dark Chocolate Cups

Raspberry-Coconut Dark Chocolate Cups

These moist and crispy chocolate cups are the best option to make this Valentine’s Day or whenever you are feeling like eating something sweet and chocolatey without any added gluten or refined sugar. The best thing I like about these raspberry-coconut dark chocolate cups is that once made, you can easily store them in the freezer for up to 30 days.

For the full recipe, click here.

8. Burnt Caramel Flan

Burnt Caramel Flan

Don’t get misguided by the name – it is named burnt caramel flan for a reason. The caramel sauce in this dessert is cooked a shade darker for a bitter edge that cuts perfectly through the dense, sweet custard.

Ready to read the full recipe? Click here.

9. Red Wine Chocolate Snack Cake

Red Wine Chocolate Snack Cake

Ah, the shiny and smooth looks are to die for! If you want to add a romantic dessert to your Valentine’s Day Desserts list, nothing can scream romantic better than this red wine chocolate snack cake!

For the full recipe, click here.

10. Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Marbled with Dulce de Leche, this cheesecake is not just good looking but delicious too. Just sprinkle a hint of flaky sea salt on the top before serving, and your (or your partner’s) taste buds will absolutely love the flavor.

Get the recipe here.