10 Reasons Why You Should Put Coffee Grounds on Your Face and Skin

coffee grounds

Beauty experts across the world are still trying to create that miracle formula that will erase years from our skin and keep us younger – and beautiful – longer. Some perfect creams and tonics can go for $1000 a jar, yet no one really sees any permanent and true results. The internet also offers unlimited natural or at-home alternatives to those expensive department store brands. 

We already know that the caffeine in coffee energizes our bodies into motion but can it also, if put directly on our skin, provide our skin and with that secret pro-beauty energy?

Here are 10 reasons why coffee grounds can actually be beneficial for my face and skin:

  1. Exfoliation. Those gritty grounds (not the instant ones) don’t dissolve well in oil/water, so it makes a perfect way to exfoliate dead skin cells from your face and body.

  2. Anti-Aging. The antioxidants in coffee will boost collagen levels and can actually help reverse signs of aging. Plus, it makes your skin appear younger and brighter thanks to the caffeine levels.

  3. Anti-Microbial. The acid in coffee might also have anti-microbial properties, so while also brushing away dead skin cells, it’s also probably killing harmful germs on your face and hands.

  4. Smoother Skin and Cellulite Reduction. A few small studies have been done on whether coffee could be used to reduce cellulite in those stubborn areas – and it looks promising. If anything, caffeine stimulates blood flow, which in turn can promote fatty areas to push toxins through the blood more easily, which can smooth out the skin.

  5. Anti-inflammation and Puffiness. The chlorogenic acids in coffee prevent inflammation across your body if applied topically. Also, a little under the eyes in the morning can erase the puffiness from a poor night’s sleep and tighten tired skin.

  6. Acne Treatments. All of the properties of coffee discussed in the last 4 points, such as anti-inflammation and anti-microbial acids, are also then linked to improving the complexion and aiding in treating acne. Don’t over-exfoliate, however, as it can actually be harmful to the skin and won’t directly influence acne – keep using your over-the-counter products for best results.

  7. Sun Protection. Those same antioxidants in coffee can also prevent sun damage from UV rays. We don’t recommend throwing out your sunscreen, however, forming a coffee paste and mixing it in can add to that sun protection.

  8. Hair and Scalp Treatments. Our hair and scalp are naturally acidic and so is coffee. By applying coffee grounds to your hair and scalp, you can balance the pH levels while also clearing away dead skin/dandruff – leaving a beautiful head of hair that fortunately also smells amazing.

  9. Keeps your skin hydrated. Coffee is a diuretic, which means it makes our bodies expel water at a faster rate. When rubbed on our skin, however, it acts as a method of retaining moisture and slowing down the evaporation of water from our bodies. If added to a body lotion, it will keep your skin feeling softer, longer.

  10. Eases Tired Feet. Soaking your feet in a coffee bath and scrubbing with coffee grounds can exfoliate dead skin and ease inflamed and tired feet. It will also leave your feet smelling great and feeling soft and hydrated.

Although we love our coffee for drinking, it’s great knowing that our favorite beverage is there for us in so many other ways. How do you use coffee in other methods than consumption? Let us know in the comments.