Top 5 Coffee Subscriptions of 2020


It’s the Spring of 2020 and not many of us have been able to enjoy that fresh crisp air (and a little snow in some places). Even if you live somewhere that’s hot year-round or you just entered the Autumn season (we’re thinking of you our Australian coffee drinkers), the current global Coronavirus has left many of us stuck indoors under strict quarantine. That means no trips to the local coffee shop (they’re closed anyway) and sometimes the grocery store coffee just won’t do it anymore.

Luckily, we live in a digital age where packages can be ordered and delivered within a span of a few days. Online businesses and global community initiatives have led to the creation of subscription boxes. Whether you’re looking for socks, razors, vitamins, comic books, or, yes, coffee – there’s a subscription box for that. And now is the best time to give one a try.

With so many to choose from, we’ve created our list of the top 5 coffee subscription boxes of 2020.

Detour Coffee Roasters.

Get two 300g bags of Detour coffee delivered to your door just days after its roasted. Canada-based – Detour’s Roaster’s Choice package is their most popular and is chosen by their expert coffee curators – meaning you can get a new flavor each month (or however long you choose your subscription to arrive). Price: $38.50 CAD per delivery.

Atlas Coffee Club.

A coffee of the month club that curates amazing micro-lot coffees from around the world. Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia & beyond. USA-based – Atlas Coffee Club provides a 12-ounce bag of freshly-roasted coffee each month, inspired by somewhere in the world. Go on a trip without leaving your couch. Price: About $14 USD plus shipping costs.

Trade Coffee.

Trade Box in your mailbox

STEP 1: Take the Quiz. Tell us how you like your coffee and we’ll curate matches just for you.
STEP 2: Make It Your Own. Choose your delivery frequency and it’ll appear at your doorstep.
STEP 3: Rate & Repeat. Rate your matches so we can continue delighting you.

Price: $16.00 plus free shipping for a 12 oz. bag delivered to your door.

Driftaway Coffee

A world of coffee delivered. Personalized coffee subscriptions matched to your taste & connecting you to your Coffee Farmers! Driftaway does more than provide a quiz for you to guess your preferences, they send you a tasting kit of four different coffee profiles for you to drink and rate. From there, they will send you boxes that match your actual preferences – all of which are from sustainable sources. Price: Up to $18.86 per pound with free priority or first-class shipping.

Brothers Coffee Company.

Brothers Coffee Company is a subscription coffee service that brings you fresh, ethically sourced and globally responsible coffee. Brothers provide a sustainably sourced coffee roaster small-batch each month, based on your preferences. Price: $19 USD per month plus shipping for a single 12 oz bag.