The Perfect Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

bulletproof coffee

I tend to be highly cautious about the fats I eat, but I cannot simply skip having coffee, especially in cold weather when all I want to do is curl up on the couch with my blanket with my mandatory cup of java. So, what do I settle with? I make myself a bulletproof coffee!

What is a Bulletproof Coffee?

bulletproof coffee

If it is the first time you hear about bulletproof coffee, read on to know more about this coffee and how to make it. Bulletproof coffee is a scientific derivation of a highly nutritious and tasty coffee. It is fundamentally a brewed coffee whipped with grass-fed butter or other healthy fat options.

Moreover, bulletproof coffee is creamy and delicious that you can forget the other types and get hooked to it. It is undoubtedly the best way to energize your day. The recipe of this bulletproof coffee is also called the keto coffee recipe, so you have nothing to worry about if you are following a keto diet.

The best thing about bulletproof coffee is that it offers you all the health benefits coffee has to offer you without fueling your body with unnecessary amounts of caffeine. And because of the healthy fats blended to make this cup of coffee creamier than ever, you can put a stop to hunger pangs that ruin your healthy eating routine. Healthy fats satiate you for a long time, so you do not feel hungry a lot.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Let’s cut the chase and jump right to the easiest and perfect recipe for bulletproof coffee. You only need three essential ingredients for this coffee.

  1. Brewed Coffee
  2. High-quality fat of your choice
  3. Blender
  4. Additional toppings (optional)

Step 1: Coffee Brewing

The first step is to brew your usual blend of coffee as you do daily. Ten to twelve ounces of brewed coffee is sufficient to yield an average-sized coffee cup. You can get the official Bulletproof Coffee by Dave Asprey, but you can use any coffee grounds at home.

Step 2: Time to Choose Your Fats

The best part about this recipe is choosing the healthy fats you want to blend your coffee with. There is no one best option. You can add coconut or MCT oil and combine it with a small amount of grass-fed ghee for the best coffee texture.

I assure you that using this combination of healthy fats will yield the perfect creamy cup of hot steaming coffee that you will fall in love with.

However, I love to mention some other options that you can choose from.

Some of the healthy fat options to make your bulletproof coffee creamier are:

  • Grass-fed butter: it is a classic healthy coffee ingredient, which is why bulletproof coffee is mostly called butter coffee.
  • Grass-fed ghee: this is the best option for all the lactose intolerant people out there. It is packed with all the healthy benefits of grass-fed butter and makes your coffee just the right amount of creamy and rich!
  • Coconut oil: this makes your coffee healthier as it is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Another best creamer to use is coconut butter. It gives a rich coconut touch to your coffee.
  • MCT or Brain Octane oil:  adding this to your coffee gives you an instant energy boost. However, if you are trying it out for the first time, beware of trying it in a small amount at first and check for any reactions, if any.
  • Cacao butter: now, this might not be the usual pantry item, but if you can get this off any Thrive market online, it will make your coffee taste like white chocolate!
  • Nut butter: I advise you not to use it alone. Blend it up with another healthy fat option, like coconut oil, and the results will stun you. The other two best options are cashew or almond butter.

Step 3: Blending Your Coffee

It is the easiest step in making a bulletproof coffee; just set your blender on high and blend the coffee and fats until it turns out creamy. Your creamy cup of healthy coffee is all ready for you to enjoy on a cold day.

Add-in Options

  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Protein powders
  • Stevia or Agave Nectar
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Maca Powder
  • Ashwagandha Powder
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Almond Extract
  • Peppermint Extract
  • Cayenne

Some Healthy Sweetening Options:

  • Coconut nectar
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut sugar

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

  • Bulletproof coffee does not only give you a caffeine boost that wears off in a while and leaves you rattled. It also offers you a steady energy boost that can hold you up for a long time.
  • Butter or other healthy fats help satisfy your hunger fully, so drinking it helps you feel full for a long time. Thus, bulletproof coffee helps you lose weight.
  • Healthy fats help catalyze digestion as they are saturated fats that get digested quickly.
  • Bulletproof coffee fuels you with energy and helps sharpen your focus.

The Best Recipe for a Rejuvenating Cup of Coffee

Take it from a mother of a little kid. Nothing beats a healthy, rejuvenating cup of coffee to help you power through the day than this bulletproof coffee. It is healthy, yummy, and easy to make. You do not have to go through many steps to whip it up. I hope this recipe helps you taste the best coffee ever!