The Coffee Gadgets Presented At The Coffee Expo 2018

Voga Coffee. Specialty Coffee Expo 2018
Photo: Voga Coffee.

There has been a lot of coffee happenings from the coffee industry after The London Coffee Festival which everyone who attended and participated had a blast showcasing their coffee creations, here’s now the new coffee happening which is The Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle.

The Coffee Expo was a playground by the baristas and coffee aficionados to showcase and witness all things java, joe, and bean juice-related. There are a lot of new things the was showcase at the coffee expo, some of them are the electric coffee roasters, coffee connection apps, and robot baristas, of course, there was also a lot of new coffee drinks presented at the expo.

Here are five of the new things presented at the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Beanscrop’s handheld espresso machine

Beanscrop’s handheld espresso
Beanscrop’s handheld espresso: it weighs less than 6 ounces and uses hydraulic water compression to help users push down with exactly 9 bars of pressure.

If you’re an espresso lover, macchiatos, cappuccinos etc., but don’t want to spend a big wad of cash on a home espresso machine Beanscrop might be a good investment for you.

Came all the way from South Korea, Beanscrop coffee machine is an all one coffee maker that doesn’t require electric power, disposable filters, or cups. Their handheld espresso maker is an eye-catching piece that weighs less than 6 ounces and uses hydraulic water compression to help users push down with exactly 9 bars of pressure — the magic number for espresso-making. What’s more interesting to their Kompresso, it works with hot or cold water, and it is available on Amazon for $109.95.

Ground Control’s Coffee Brewer

 Voga Coffee. Specialty Coffee Expo 2018
Photo: Voga Coffee.

Ground Control’s Coffee Brewer Machine won the newest product showcased at the expo. The coffee machine looks like an apparatus from laboratories complete with coils and glass bulbs.According to Ground Control “what makes this machine special is its multiple infusion, where the machine syphons hot water over a bed of coffee grounds, then extracts all that coffee and syphons it out into the glass bulbs on top of the machine.”Then repeat the cycle where it re-infuses the grounds with more hot water and combines the two extractions, resulting, an amazing cup of coffee.

SpeedETab mobile ordering platform

SpeedETab mobile ordering aoo


This mobile ordering platform will make your morning rush easier by skipping the long line to the coffee shops. SpeedETab creates an app where you can order your food or drinks ahead of time.

SpeedETab is a Miami based company providing a white label ordering platform to independent coffee shops. The company is the same platform like QuickCup and Joe Coffee, but what sets SpeedETab apart is its malleability. They work with other coffee shops to make specialized apps tailored according to a brand.

The platform is ideal for startup companies that are still getting the gist of their business don’t and want to have something to start with the order-ahead trend.

Individual pour over coffee bags

Coffee tea bags
Twin Peaks IG

When we speak of coffee on-the-go these in tea bags are a life saver. These pre-filled coffee filters balance over your coffee mug, all you have to do is pour hot water, and stir to agitate the grounds and extract all the flavour.

What’s more interesting with these coffee bags is they are compostable, so you don’t need to worry about adding waste to the environment. And they are great options for camping or other trips where you’re not sure you’ll have access to a high-quality cup of joe.

Coffee Blenders and Twin Peaks are some companies who showcased these coffee bags.

IceColdNow keeps your cold brew chilled

Ice Cold Now‘s electric chiller,
Ice Cold Now‘s electric chiller, the Cafe Cold Wave takes hot, freshly-brewed coffee and cools it in one minute.

Ice Cold Now‘s electric chiller, the Cafe Cold Wave takes hot, freshly brewed coffee and cools it in one minute. The Ice Cold Now is made in a refrigerant-filled stainless steel coil that keep your coffee chilled, where users can set their desired temperature on a screen on the machine.

“Basically all iced coffee being served is old,” said Ice Cold Now founder David Dussault. “This is going to be fresh, just like your hot coffee.” This machine can make san make cold brewing easier without waiting 12 to 24 hours cold-brewing. With Ice Cold Now, you don’t need to use ice, so there’s no dilution and has better extraction of flavours.