The Change in Behavior of Coffee Lovers during the Holidays: A Survey

Coffee Lovers

The holidays are coming, and this is the season of love — coffee. The aroma of coffee being brewed and consumed during this time of year (and every other) is in the air wherever you go. As a coffee lover myself, I’ve noticed certain trends in my own behavior as it relates to coffee and its popularity during the holidays.

Interestingly, one-fourth of coffee drinkers take their preferred brand of coffee home with them during the holidays. Of the 60% of Americans who drink coffee, around 40% will travel during the holidays. That’s an estimated 80 million people packing coffee in their carry-on.

I’ll take you through a survey of 1,500 coffee drinkers to help you understand how Americans’ coffee habits change during the holiday season. Credit goes to beanbox for doing this annual survey.

The Survey

Coffee Lovers

If you’re like many people, the week between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is especially taxing. The holidays are so close, and you can feel them in the air—along with increased stress levels and high consumption of caffeine.

The Findings

  • 77% of Americans brew coffee at home during the holidays rather than going out for a cup.
  • 82% of coffee lovers who celebrate Christmas prefer to brew a cup for themselves before unwrapping their gifts.
  • Women are more likely than men to increase their coffee consumption over the holiday season.
  • A whopping 39% of Americans drink more coffee during the holidays.
  • More than half (55%) of coffee drinkers say they’re willing to pay more for premium brands during the holidays.
  • The top five favorite coffee flavors of coffee drinkers who like seasonal flavors are peppermint (20%), caramel (18%), white chocolate (13%), eggnog (12%), and cinnamon (11%).
  • Gen-Z and Millennials are slightly less likely to brew at home during the holiday than the average American.
  • More than 80 million Americans travel during the holidays, and many of them make sure to pack their favorite coffee—one in four will transport it all the way home.
  • Despite the holiday hype, almost a quarter of coffee drinkers prefer black coffee over holiday flavors.
  • Seventeen percent of people say they’ve never received coffee as a gift around the holidays.

The Summary

According to the survey, nearly 40% of coffee drinkers increase their intake of coffee during the holiday season. Nearly two-in-five U.S. coffee drinkers (39%) report they increase their coffee intake during the holidays, showing the impact of the holiday season on Americans.

Contrary to popular belief, women are more likely than men to say their coffee intake increases during the holiday season.

Coffee is always the warm comfort we all seek to keep us feeling better during stressful times. To make the holiday season more enjoyable, take time out of your busy schedule and spend quality time with loved ones over a cup of coffee.

The Popular Christmas Coffee Gifts

A third of coffee lovers say that the perfect holiday gift is coffee brewing equipment. So, a great chance to gift them one of these coffee machines.

The survey revealed that these are the most popular coffee-related gifts:

  • Nespresso coffee maker (4%)
  • Drip coffee maker (6%)
  • Artisan coffee (10%)
  • Coffee mug (18%)
  • Coffee gift card (21%)
  • Keurig coffee maker (24%)

The Favorite Holidays Coffee

Coffee drinkers are a fickle bunch, and Starbucks customers are no exception. Despite adding Chestnut Praline and other holiday drinks to their menu, plain old black coffee still reigns supreme among patrons (73% to 23%).

According to coffee drinkers who are ready to get in the holiday spirit, the flavors they most want to taste in their coffee are peppermint, caramel, white chocolate, eggnog, and cinnamon.

We all have our favorite Starbucks holiday drink, but Gen Z and millennials (18-29 year-olds) favor peppermint-flavored lattes (29%) during the holidays. If you’re drooling—don’t worry! Starbucks has a Peppermint Mocha just for you.


This year, whether you choose to share your coffee or not, research shows that the happiest time of the year for coffee lovers is during the holidays. So, what are you planning to brew this Christmas?

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