Easy Keto Jello from Scratch

Jars full of jelly

If you are scared to start keto because you think this diet plan is restricting in many ways, you could not be more wrong. The keto diet does not limit you from having your favorite delectable savory or sweet dishes; rather, there are countless tested alternatives you can find on the internet to adapt your desserts for the keto diet, such as Keto Jelly.

Making Keto Jello from Scratch

Making keto Jello cups at home that are not calorie-ridden is very easy, and you will have a lot of fun making them. You can think of a color you want, such as red or purple, and hunt natural coloring from fruits such as cranberry or blueberries.

This recipe requires no hard work, yet it prevents you from buying those pre-packaged instant Jello packets that are made with god knows what ingredients. So, bid farewell to the artificial dyes and flavors and welcome the yummiest and tastiest Jello cups ever!

How to Make Easy Keto Jello

Keto jello cups

This recipe is as easy as making jelly from the box mix. Note the following points, and you will end up with a tasty cup of jelly:

1. Choosing the Color

If you use food coloring, mix it with water in a glass container to see the color. Try adding gradually so that you can stop when you see the perfect color that you desire. Keep whisking in between, and you will be good to go.

On the other hand, if you are using any fruit juice for color, ensure that it is hundred percent free from sugar or any sweetener whatsoever. This is important to achieve the right color with perfect taste.

Note: deciding to use 100% unsweetened cranberry juice results in pure red color without overpowering the taste. Also, half a cup of cranberry juice contains about 9g of carbs only; so, if you divide this into 4 servings of Jello, you only end up with about 2.25g of carbs per serving.

There are other fruit juices that you can also use, but they are mostly higher in carbs.

2. Flavoring

It is better to use fruit extracts and flavors to add flavoring to the jelly. Fruit purees and juices tend to be quite high in carbs, except for cranberry juice. If you are unable to find these extracts in grocery stores near you, you can easily get them online.

All the extracts and flavorings vary in strength. Therefore, it is best to gradually add flavoring while tasting in between. This helps in achieving the exact taste that you desire.

3. Sweetening the Jello

It is important to note that sugar does not contribute to the consistency of the Jello. Thus, you can use any sweetener of your choice. It is best to use powdered or liquid ones as they are easily dissolved.  Finally, sweeten the mixture according to your taste

4. Gelatin

It is recommended to use good-quality, grass-fed gelatin. However, gelatin envelopes also work equally well, but they are more capable of gelling. Therefore, ensure that you use only one envelope for 2 cups of liquid.

Let the gelatin sit on the liquid for a few minutes while it is on low heat. Do not let it boil. Instead, keep whisking the liquid until the whole of the envelope dissolves in the liquid.

5. Final Step

Desserts that use gelatin take about 3 hours to set completely. Refrigerate them so that they turn out firm.

Additional Information

You can add whipped cream on the top and decorate the Jello with chunks of fresh fruits. Serve it to your kids, and they would not know the difference. You can also make these adorable keto Jello cups in advance. There is nothing in the recipe that would spoil the Jello in the fridge for few days. Just ensure that the keto Jello cups are covered in the fridge so that the top is not dried out.