Does instant coffee a coffee?

Instant Coffee
Image by นิธิ วีระสันติ from Pixabay

How do you prefer your coffee instant or the traditional grind and brew coffee? Well, who doesn’t like an instant coffee, especially on their coffee? Instant coffee is the fastest way to make a cup of coffee, in just a minute, just a quick stir in hot water, then you have a coffee in a jiffy.

Does instant coffee a coffee?

Well, there are a lot of discussions about instant coffee, whether it can be consider a coffee or not because some coffee enthusiasts will say you are not drinking coffee if it is an instant coffee. However, a lot of coffee lovers are still patronizing instant coffee because of its convenience, especially in most of Asia were drinking instant coffee is the norm for every individual.


Most parts of the Asian countries are indeed considered instant coffee addicts, but did you know that it was not in Asia where instant coffee has developed? Instant coffee has begun in New Zealand during the 1880s, this is during World War I and II where coffee is included in soldiers rations for the first time, and to do that they need something that is convenient to make and all they have to do is to add hot water and stir. According to a high-ranking army, official coffee was “as important as beef and bread” stating it “restored courage and strength and kept up morale” as reported by NPR. The relative luxury of being able to make coffee in the trenches caught on quick and many didn’t even bother heating water. Homeward-bound G.I.s brought their taste for the stuff back when the war was over, which was also the dawn of the convenience-food craze that grabbed hold of America and never let go.

Instant coffee had also introduced to countries where brewing technology is a luxury and on the verge of scarcity. Even thou a lot were saying that drinking instant coffee is disgusting, you might be surprised that half of the world drinks instant coffee, according to a 2014 report by Euromonitor and The Washington Post, with Pacific Asia, Eastern Europe, Mexico and the U.K. representing three of largest consumers with mainland China close behind.

One of the reasons behind this trend is the luxury behind coffee, so the alternative way to make this luxury drink more affordable and available to everyone is to make instant coffee. Instant coffee is a lot cheaper than regular coffee beans, plus in an instant coffee, you can put all the magic in one sachet and will cost you a dollar or even less, and that is one of the biggest trends in Asian countries the 3 in 1 coffee.

3 in 1 coffee, what is that?

Buying regular coffee beans is lucrative not only in the sense of price, but as well in the manner of making a cup of coffee from bean to cup, time and equipment needed which not all have these luxuries of effort and money to make a single cup of coffee, that is why in some countries like Asia the 3 in 1 instant coffee is introduced as a form of everyday java.

3 in 1 instant coffee is much cheaper than regular coffee beans, because in regular beans aside from the time it consumes to make coffee, you need to buy separately the creamer and sugar for additives, while in most instant coffee all the ingredients is prepacked in one sachet that cost $0.27, and which you can make yourself a cup of coffee at any time of the day by just adding a hot water.

Let’s go back to the question, does instant coffee a coffee?

Obviously the answer is yes, instant coffee is also a coffee, although you don’t get the richness and quality of real coffee, but still instant coffee is coffee, it also contains coffee, sugar, creamer, and most of all it has caffeine that can boost energy level which what all coffee drinkers are looking for.

Source reference: CNET