What is Caffè Mocha?

A mocaccino coffee in New Zealand

What is Caffè Mocha?

The word coffee with mocha stirs an inexplicable surge of coziness as it brings about the perfect image of a hot cup of chocolate with froth and milk providing an excellent blend of a sweet and earthy taste. Caffè Mocha is a delectable blend of hot steamy espresso, foamy milk, and chocolate syrup.

History of Caffè Mocha

History tells us that the original form of mocha coffee was not that sweet. Rather, every coffee was mocha as it was imported and distributed to the whole world by a city of Yemen, called Mocha or Al-Mokha.

It was one of the most coveted exports of Yemen, where now only remains of a great city with huge coffee imports can be found.

In comparison to its Arabic relatives, the mocha coffee from Yemen instantly took over the daily coffee in the household in the West as the latter had a more earthy and creamy texture. The cup of mocha coffee we are aware of is an Italian variant of the original mocha coffee – and we cannot thank them enough. The Italian style of Caffè mocha is what added just the right amount of sweet needed in the mocha.

As the basic composition of the mocha coffee includes chocolate syrup, espresso, and foamy milk, one of its popular variants is white mocha.

White mocha uses white chocolate instead of a black one and is usually topped with a whirl of whipped cream instead of milk froth.

Mocha coffee is all about the coziest and dearest ingredients of all times, it is usually consumed with a marshmallow dipped in or some chocolate shavings to make the mochaccino yummier. Dust some cinnamon powder, and you have got something spectacular!

Research Regarding Caffè Mocha

The next time you want to fuel up your body, and jolt your brain out of dullness, grab a cup of mocha coffee. A research study by BMC Nutrition has revealed that a mocha coffee is bound to enhance your alertness and bring your attention back to where it is needed!

The study stresses the benefits of mocha coffee together with chocolate for uplifting mood as well. It reduces anxiety and instills a calm state wherein you can think and breathe deeply to clear up your mind. So, it is best to keep a stash of mocha coffee at your office for anyone who might need it.

However, the researchers found out that caffeine is a culprit of increased anxiety. Nevertheless, the impacts of caffeine turn into something beneficial when consumed with cocoa – as in mocha coffee. Cocoa is claimed to increase blood flow in the cerebrum. This in turn is quite effective in sharpening our attention and focus.


Caffè mocha is claimed to be extremely beneficial for boosting alertness due to the perfect blend of cocoa and caffeine. Flavonoids in the cocoa are also found to be significantly beneficial in preventing heart disease in chocoholics. The sweet in cocoa is said to tone down the heart problems. Additionally, it is the dark chocolate that is preferred more over the sweetened one for reaping more health benefits.