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If you’re like me, you love a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I also love the smell and taste of roasted beans. If you search online, you will find many roasters and their bags of beans to choose from … But which are the best? Well, guess what? This is going to be the perfect article for your needs!

I have put together the best roasted coffee beans you can find online. So, let’s get started!

What are Roasted Coffee Beans?

Before we get into how to choose the best roast for your brews, let’s talk about what roasted coffee beans are. Roasting coffee transforms green beans into dark brown or black beans (or sometimes colored beans).

This step is vital because it determines many of the chemical reactions that occur during brewing and affects your final cup quality. In short: The longer you roast your beans, the darker they’ll become.

How does Roast Affect Flavor?

The most obvious effect of changing roasts is in color; as you roast longer, you’ll notice that your beans will turn from green to yellowish-green to light brown, then into dark brown or even black (which has been roasted longer than any other bean).

Aromatics also change as you roast longer; lighter roasts tend to produce brighter flavors with more acidity, while heavier roasts generally produce more profound, more rounded flavors with hints of sweetness and nuttiness.

1. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Green Unroasted Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee Beans

Chiapas coffee beans, grown in the mountains of the southeasternmost corner of Mexico, near the border with Guatemala, have a distinct flavor originating from brown sugar and cashew nut flavors.

The coffees from the Mexican state of Chiapas were traditionally called Tapachula, after the nearby city, but now they are usually marketed as Chiapas.

Chiapas produces some of the finest, highest-grown coffees in Mexico. A typical Chiapas coffee is similar to a good light white wine—delicate in body, with a pleasantly dry, acidy snap.

If you like your coffee black and enjoy a light, acidic-tasting cup of java, you’re sure to love these Mexico-grown favorites. However, some Chiapas-grown coffees rival the best Guatemala beans in terms of high-grown power and complexity.

2. Peet’s Coffee Organic French Roast, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

I like to use Latin American beans for my darkest roast, such as those from Guatemala and Colombia. The high altitudes in these countries allow coffee cherries to mature more fully.

The rich, bold flavor of these inherently bright beans is complemented by a deep roast.

Organic coffee growers are committed to environmental stewardship, even though the yield is smaller. While conventional farms rely heavily on processed fertilizers, organic farms use locally sourced and naturally occurring compost as a source of nutrients.

So, if you are in for dark roast, this pack of French roast coffee beans by Peet’s Coffee is an excellent choice to go for.

3. Arabica Medium Roasted Coffee Beans

These medium-roasted coffee beans come directly from the lands of Malnad Estates. They are medium-roast beans, which means they are roasted between the first and second cracks. They have a bit more body than a light roast but not as much as a dark roast.

Medium roasts generally have a balanced flavor. The acidity and body can vary, but medium roasts usually fall in the middle of the flavor spectrum.

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4. Starbucks Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Pike Place Roast

Starbucks is the name you can trust when it comes to coffee. This medium roast coffee by Starbucks has subtle notes of toasted nuts and cocoa. The two flavors combined work great in providing a balanced and smooth mouthfeel.

They have given their roast a name, called Pike Place roast. It is a complete package of 6 packs, and each pack contains 12 ounces of coffee beans.

Be sure to use fresh, clean water for the best cup of coffee. Also, clean your machine regularly and grind beans just before brewing.

Things to Look for In Roasted Coffee Beans


A good roaster will roast its beans frequently, shipping them as soon as possible after roasting. Coffee beans may lose their freshness and flavor if they sit around for longer before shipping.

         Roast Style

There are two main styles of roasting — light, and dark. Light roasts tend to be sweeter and mellower, while dark roast tends to be stronger and more bitter. Most people prefer light roasts because they’re easier on the stomach and easier to drink black (without adding sugar or cream).

However, if you prefer a darker roast, there’s nothing wrong with that! Just make sure it’s fresh and tastes good before buying it.


Roasters should offer a variety of different kinds of beans from different regions around the world (Kenya vs. Ethiopia vs. Sumatra vs. Brazil vs. etc.). They should also offer different blends — single-origin coffees from a specific region combined with other single-origin beans from different areas.

         Buy Dark Roasts If You Like Bolder Flavors

Dark roasts are exposed to heat longer during processing, which gives them a stronger taste. Light roasts will be milder and smoother in flavor.


The process of finding the best roasted coffee beans isn’t much different than finding other top-quality products, like the best espresso machine or the best grinder. All you need to do is do a little research, ask around, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying great-tasting coffee in no time flat!