What does salt can do to coffee? | Coffee Health Benefits

The health benefits of adding salt in coffee.

What is the weirdest thing you added to your coffee?
There are a lot of practices all over the world in which they added additional ingredients in their coffee, like the Scandanavian coffee where they brew the coffee with egg. And nowadays there are a lot of discoveries on how much to enjoy, and enhance the health benefits of coffee like adding cinnamon, MCT or coconut oil, nutmeg, butter and more. Almost everything we see in the kitchen it is possible to add to our everyday joe, just like salt, yes salt, is a newfound seasoning, that can be added to coffee.

So, have you tried adding salt to your coffee?

Adding salt to coffee is a new trend, or maybe it had been a practice before, but this is the only time it is becoming popular in the public.
Salt in coffee? Yup that sounds weird adding salt in the coffee, but this condiments can be your new best friend to your coffee, especially when you are still a coffee beginner.

What does salt can do to coffee?

One of the qualities of coffee is bitter this is because of its chemical compounds such as caffeine– although caffeine is not the primary factor why coffee is bitter, 15% of it contributes to the bitterness of coffee. The mass substance on the bitterness of coffee is the chlorogenic acid, and phenylindane, which are commonly found, in roasted coffee beans. Thus this explains that the darker the roast of the coffee beans the harsher and bitter taste it produces.

A lot of coffee drinkers are not fond of the bitter taste that is why they put some ingredients to their coffee to counteract the bitterness like adding sugar, milk, cinnamon, creamer, etc. Another circumstance that adds to bitter taste in coffee is the brewing method. Over brewing the coffee, or letting the coffee steep for a long hours results to bitter taste, and sometimes incorrect measurements of coffee and water will have a bitter result.

Now, that we have a little overview of why coffee is bitter let us now see what does salt can do to coffee.

Well, it is not a super extravagant finding on what salt can do to coffee, salt can only tame the bitterness of coffee, and make it easier to drink especially to those who are not fond of a bitter taste, but still want to drink coffee.

According to Alton Brown, a very popular cookbook author, adding a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt to 6 tablespoons of coffee grounds neutralizes the bitterness and acidity in coffee and enhances its inherent sweetness. 

Is their a measurement on how much salt to put in coffee?

None there is no exact, measurement of how much is too much salt to put in coffee. A recommendation from those who tried this method is you can put a pinch of salt before brewing or a dash to your cup of coffee to balance the flavors.

Is there health benefit of adding salt to coffee?

Coffee alone is pack with health benefits, and adding salt to your coffee is better than putting sugar into it. Salt in coffee can help to replenish some of the sodium your body loses after drinking coffee.