Lady And The Mug, a playful coffee shop, in Coral Springs, Florida.

Lady and the mug Coral Springs, Florida
Photo via Lady and the Mug FB

Are you always on a search for a new coffee place to try over the weekend or maybe a place where you can sit and relax, and get your work done while enjoying a cup of coffee? This coffee shop in Coral Springs, Florida, Lady and The Mug is a coffee place to try for they have beautiful ambiance and a superb cup of specialty coffee on their menu.

The city of Florida is known for its famous Miami beach where millions of tourist come to visit the city to have fun under the sun, especially during Spring break and Summer holiday. Aside from the nightlife scene, Florida has hidden gems of coffee shops for coffee lovers who are looking for a good place to grab a cup of coffee. Like this playful coffee shop, the Lady and the Mug, in South Florida is a specialty coffee shop offers an outstanding coffee menu.

The owner Aimee attended a coffee school in Poland to perfect her passion and learn the different techniques for coffee before opening her dream coffee shop. With all the knowledge Aimee learned she now dedicates to serve specialty coffee to her customers.

According to SCAA, specialty coffee “refers to the highest quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavor potential by true craftspeople and then properly brewed to well-established SCAA developed standards.”

Lady and the Mug serve not just a regular joe, but a quality coffee that is better than Starbucks. Their menu features specialty coffee blends such as drip coffee, cold brew, nitro, bullet coffee, pour-over, espresso. They also offer non-coffee drinks like hot chocolate, matcha, tea with oat milk, and more.

Their delicacies are not only house-made, but they are organic treats such as Croque monsieur sandwiches, quiche, empanadas, slices of bread, dessert which complements their coffee menu.

Aside from their delectable delicacies and specialty coffee blends Lady and the Mug has a unique ambiance to welcome the guest. Whether you are social media savvy or just a regular customer, you will fall in love with this coffee shop. The place is furnished in a whimsical way featuring the rope swing embellish with flowers as the center of attraction, which is a perfect spot for customers to take their selfie.

“The Lady and the Mug is so welcoming, so positive and friendly to everyone. The coffee is superb as are the snacks. My favorites are the quiches. It’s very important to me that they honor diversity. Even though there’s a coffee shop on nearly every corner I happily go out of my way to go to the Lady and the Mug!”TripAdvisor

This coffee shop knows how to read the wants of their customers by being on-trend at the same time delivering a quality cup of coffee.

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