You Have to See These Unique Coffee Shops From Around the World


With the Covid-19 pandemic going on all over the world, it has made any travel for leisure impossible – which can make all those adventurous spirits out there feel a little glum.

I’m sure many out there are getting stir crazy from having to be stuck at home. With all this extra time on your hands, why not look into places you would like to visit when all this is over. What better way to keep your spirits up then doing some planning and some dreaming about where you would like to visit when life gets back to normal.

Right now a visit to your favorite coffee shop is out of reach so here are some of the most unique and somewhat strange cafes found around the world that may inspire your next trip.

Cafe Dog and Cats

Cat cafes have become quite a trend around the world with locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Although they have become very popular in Japan, the first cat cafe was actually opened in Taipei, Taiwan named the Cafe Dog and Cats. This one got its name because they have only one resident dog. All the animals are rescues which makes it that much better. Along with the great company, the atmosphere is cozy and the food and drinks delicious. So if you are an animal lover and don’t suffer from allergies, visiting this cafe will be a great experience you will not soon forget.

Owl Cafe

If animals of the four-legged variety don’t pique your interest, take a visit to the Owl Cafe in Tokyo, Japan. With many cat cafes popping up around the world, this coffee shop definitely delivers a unique experience. You can take photos with the birds and even pet them all while enjoying your favorite caffeinated drink. 

Fortezza Medicea

First We Feast

This cafe located near Pisa, Italy is actually a 500-year-old still functioning prison. The staff that helps out here are all inmates and some are even serving life sentences. Although this may seem strange and maybe a little scary, it has become a very popular spot to go and tables are booked weeks in advance. They also have found that it has been quite successful in rehabilitating the prisoners along with providing a rare experience to the customers.

Corner Perk

Although this cafe in Bluffton, South Carolina doesn’t have any strange themes or resident animals, it is special for another reason. What makes this coffee shop unique is that you will normally receive your coffee for free. This sounds unbelievable but it all started when a woman left an anonymous donation of a hundred dollars to pay for the coffee of anyone who came in after her until the money was gone. This was done on the condition that the staff mentions to everyone coming in to also pay the generosity forward. The same woman still makes continuing donations every few months to keep it going.

Do you have a favorite cafe or themed spot to get your caffeine fix? Let us know in the comments.