What Is Nitro Coffee & Is It Healthier Than Regular Coffee?


If you’ve recently visited a coffee shop, you may have either seen or heard of nitro cold brew. This coffee beverage has become quite popular in the coffee industry. But what’s all the excitement about? And is it actually healthier for you compared to regular coffee?

Read on to learn all about nitro brew and its health benefits.

Nitro coffee is basically cold brew infused with nitrogen.

To understand what nitro coffee is, it’s necessary to start by defining what cold brew is since that is this coffee beverage’s base. Cold brew is coffee that is made by slow-steeping water and coffee grounds for hours, resulting in a dark and intense cup of coffee.

Nitro brew is then made by infusing cold brew with nitrogen (N2). The nitrogen gives the cold brew a rich and creamy texture that’s very similar to a nitro draft beer such as a Guinness. Since nitrogen bubbles are small, when infused with coffee, it creates a smooth and luxurious texture.

You can make your own nitro cold brew at home.

Though nitro cold brew is more widely available in coffee shops and chains nationwide, it does cost a pretty penny (the average is around $6!). Fortunately, there are more reasonable alternatives.

One option is to make your own nitro brew at home. The Royal Nitro Coffee Maker System is one of the better machines available on the market. It may be pricier up front, but it will quickly pay for itself over time if you use it often. Another option is to buy cans of nitro cold brew from companies like La Colombe or Califa Farms. If you buy these cans in bulk, you’ll still save money compared to going out to a cafe regularly to order nitro brew.

Nitro brew has mostly the same health benefits as regular coffee.

There has been some discussion that nitro brew is healthier for you than regular coffee. While there may be some truth to that, in general, nitro cold brew pretty much offers the same health benefits as regular brewed coffee.

With that said, there are a few key differences between nitro brew and basic coffee, which could contribute to a healthier lifestyle in certain individuals.

Nitro cold brew is higher in caffeine.

Nitro coffee is higher in caffeine than regular coffee because there is a higher ratio of coffee grounds to water than in regular coffee.

This higher caffeine content could be beneficial for some, as caffeine has been linked to health benefits. But some research suggests that caffeine can also have negative health effects in certain individuals. So an increased caffeine intake could prove to be disadvantageous as well. It really depends on your reaction to caffeine.

The lower acidity of nitro brew may be beneficial for those with sensitive stomachs.

Because nitro coffee is made from cold brew, it’s naturally less acidic than regular coffee. The acidity of regular coffee can irritate your stomach or can cause digestive problems.

Nitro brew on the other hand is more mild, which can be beneficial for those who may have sensitive stomachs. The steeping of the coffee grounds at a lower temperature results in a lower acidity when compared to iced or hot coffee.

Because nitro coffee is naturally sweet, many are less inclined to add sugar.

Besides being lower in acidity, nitro cold brew also takes on a natural sweet taste. This sweetness comes from the nitrogen gas (nitrogen does in fact taste sweet!). Other types of coffee can taste rather bitter, so sugar can help to cut the bitterness.

However, with nitro cold brew, many drinkers find that they don’t need to add any sugar because the taste of nitro brew on its own is so rich and sweet. Therefore, nitro cold brew could be considered a healthier alternative to cut your sugar intake if you are someone who regularly adds sugar to their coffee.

In conclusion, while there may be some added benefits for certain individuals in drinking nitro brew, it essentially has the same health benefits as normal coffee. But nutrition facts aside, it’s definitely a drink worth trying. The smooth, rich taste and texture has won many over.