What happens to Your Body After You Drink Coffee?

drinking coffee

For me, coffee is much more than just a beverage. It marks the start of my day, without which I cannot even work properly. One day, I decided to go through every piece of information on coffee to see what happens to my body after I drink a cup of it. Well, the results were quite shocking to me! Let me share them with you too.

First 10 Minutes

The caffeine present in the cup of coffee enters your bloodstream and nervous system. The heart rate and blood pressure start rising.

20 minutes

a woman holding a cup of coffee

You start feeling more focused and alert. You find it quite easy to tackle various difficulties and make well-informed decisions according to the situations. Moreover, you start feeling less tired as caffeine connects your brain’s adenosine receptors.

30 minutes

cup of coffee

Your body starts producing adrenaline in abundance. Therefore, your vision gets cleared, and your pupils are slightly opened than before right after 30 minutes of drinking your cup of java.

40 minutes

drinking coffee

The serotonin level in your blood starts to spike up more than ever, hence improving the functioning of your brain’s motor neurons, which in turn increases muscle strength.

4 hours


Coffee works great in increasing the rate of energy your cells release. When the cells are finally released, your body starts burning more fat, even if you are sedentary. In addition to that, caffeine also stimulates and increases the production of stomach acids.

6 hours

cups of coffee

The caffeine after 6 hours of entering your body causes a diuretic effect. Your body starts losing some essential minerals and vitamins, apart from water. Hence, this might lead to slight calcium metabolism disorders.

Following are some benefits of drinking coffee:

  • Helps you burn calories faster
  • Ward off liver cancer
  • Help prevent headaches
  • Keeps you feeling positive
  • Help reduce pain
  • Smooth out dimply parts
  • Good for your heart
  • Can make you hear things
  • Can exacerbate stomach ulcers
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Can exacerbate heartburn
  • Give you a better vision
  • Make you live longer

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So many chemical reactions and things start to happen as soon as your drink coffee and the caffeine in it enters your body. If you ever wondered why the cup of java is so addictive and why you cannot start your day without it, well, I have already answered it in this article.