Top 10 Creative Ways To Use Up Leftover Coffee

Leftover coffee

You made some extra coffee in the morning for later but ended up not drinking it all. Well, that happens, but what would you do with this leftover coffee? Most of us would pour it down the drain. But, this doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, at least, because you can easily put it to good use.

To help you out, I have put together these creative ways to use up your leftover coffee:

1. Freeze into Ice Cubes

Leftover coffee ice cubes

The best thing you can do with leftover coffee is freezing it into ice cubes for later use, especially in ice coffees. This way, these cubes won’t water down, and you can easily add them to your favorite smoothies and iced coffees.

2. Ice Cream

leftover Coffee ice cream

Pull out your ice cream maker and use your leftover coffee into cool, creamy ice cream. For more information, check out this amazing coffee ice cream recipe.

3. Syrup


Make coffee syrup at home and use it to drizzle on your favorite pancakes, ice cream, or whatever you want. On top of everything, you can even use this coffee syrup on iced coffees. So, let’s put that leftover coffee to good use, shall we?

4. Whipped Coffee

whipped cup

Rather than using instant coffee to make this smooth, silky coffee, you can cook down your leftover brewed coffee with a little sugar or sugar-free alternative, such as stevia. Whip for a few minutes until it gets nicely frothed.

5. Ice Pops

leftover coffee ice pops

Okay, so you have already frozen your leftover coffee into ice cubes; now, how about making ice pops out of it? Not just it tastes delicious, but also a healthy option. Grab some ice pop molds, fill them half with brewed coffee, add some fruit slices (optional), and let the molds freeze.

6. Bake with it

A woman kneading

Instead of using water in your baked goods, you can use your leftover coffee for your favorite desserts, such as cakes or brownies. This little trick gives the final product a great rich flavor.

7. Marinade

Beef steak

If your taste buds are craving something savory, you can try the coffee-marinated beef steak. It makes the steak juicy and adds an amazing flavor.

8. Mocktail


Mix about 4 ounces of leftover coffee with your favorite syrup, and add lime juice and a splash of tonic into the mix. Once ready, serve it over ice. Everyone will definitely love it.

9. Pancake or Waffle Batter


Do you like to pair waffles or pancakes with coffee in the morning? Because I sure do. This way, you will get a double dose of coffee by only adding a couple of tablespoons of leftover coffee per cup of your batter.

10. Use it to Flourish Your Garden or Plants

watering plants

If you have a garden in your home or a backyard with flowers or vegetable plants, using coffee grounds to help fertilize the greens is an excellent choice. Leftover coffee can also serve the same purpose. Instead of draining it down your sink, you can use it over your potted plants. The liquid caffeine is a good source of nitrogen for plants, which promotes healthy stems.

Additionally, caffeine also contains calcium and magnesium that act as nutrients for your plants. However, make sure to dilute the coffee before pouring it over the plants.