The best coffee bus in America

Coffee trucks in America

Can you leave the house without drinking coffee? For some, their answer is yes, but for most, without coffee, their morning will not be perfect as their weekend getaway. So the tendency is people who leave their houses without having their coffee will surely going straight to the nearest coffee shop before heading to work. Coffee shops are the most convenient way to get your caffeine fix ready. However, the disadvantage of going to a coffee shop is the morning rush where coffee lovers are lining for their turn to get their coffee. An alternative way to get your coffee ready without standing in the long line is the coffee buses. Coffee bus in America are becoming popular, and they also serve quality coffee the same as your favorite coffee shop.

Here’s a list of the best coffee bus in America that is a must-try for your coffee needs.

The Jitter Bus

The Jitter Bus via FB

The jitter bus is a mobile cafe operating from a black van usually spotted one of Yale’s largest lecture halls. This coffee bus is staidly parked on Grove Street sandwiched between the gates of Silliman college and ‘America’s most beautiful street,’ Hillhouse Avenue. Students and staff of Yale are lucky for they can get their jolt of java at any time of the day.

The Jitter bus offers a variety of coffee menus like Drip Coffee staples and concoctions like the Red Eye, coffee with an espresso shot in it, and Chaider, a mix of milk, chai and apple cider, and more.

Source: Yale Daily News

Junction Coffee

A charming on the road coffee bus that serves coffee around Oklahoma City. Junction Coffee is a double-decker bus that aims to provide not just coffee, but a creative and oriented coffee community.

Junction coffee offers buy 1, get 1 half off offer when you have an OKCityCard. The mobile coffee shop is usually parked at the Civic Center Music Hall on Tuesdays, St. Anthony’s Hospital (9th and Walker) on Wednesdays, Kerr Park (R.S. Kerr & Broadway) on Thursdays, and 5th and Broadway on Fridays.

Cause Roast

This cute truck might be little, but ones its roof pop open, a magic happens showcasing a baristas kitchen serving coffee and espresso drinks.

Coast Roast is serving around the city of North Carolina, and you can spot the mini coffee bus at The Healthy House on Main Street in Jamestown, but during Fridays, the bus hits the road and to serve in High Point and Greensboro.

Double D’s Coffee & Desserts

An eye-catching double-decker coffee bus, in Asheville serving coffee and dessert. This is a unique coffee spot when you want to try something different from your usual go-to coffee shop.

Double D’s Coffee & Desserts serves frappes, seasonal lattes, smoothies, milkshake, and home-baked goods that perfectly pairs with their beverages.

High Brew Coffee’s Bus

High Brew Coffee Bus might be a seasonal mobile coffee, but you are lucky if you spotted this coffee bus on the wheel in your city. High brew coffee bus offers on the road cold brew coffee experience. They are often on the road attending various festivals, trade shows, and grocery stores around the United States.

These coffee buses mostly were parked in the park, om the city center or near office buildings where people are most in need of coffee. It seems like these buses can smell the people who are screaming for coffee, so if you got lucky to spot one don’t hesitate to try and grab a cup of coffee or two for yourself and hook up your office mates too.