Most Expensive Cafes in the World

lost of most expensive cafes in the world
Image by Daria Nepriakhina from Pixabay

If there is the most expensive coffee in the world, then there is also the most expensive cafes in the world, and they are not the typical Starbucks coffee chains because of these coffee shops do not serve the ordinary Joes and the usual croissant for their patrons, they are entitled to be luxury cafe in some ways.

Here are the most expensive cafes in the world.

Gucci Tokyo

Gucci Cafe, Ginza Tokyo

Just by the name itself, you can already distinguish that this is a luxury cafe. Gucci is a big brand in the fashion industry, that is why it is no surprise if their cafe is classified, as one of the expensive coffee shops in the world. Gucci Cafe in Tokyo is a favorite place for businesswomen. Inside the cafe has a sophisticated look that gives an expensive and luxurious atmosphere. What’s surprising about the cafe in the perspective of a high-end brand their coffee is not too expensive, a cup of espresso is around $9, and a box of chocolate with a Gucci logo is about $26.So if you are visiting Tokyo try to visit this cafe and experience the lux of its service.

Cafe de la Paix, Paris

Cafe de la Paix is a well-known cafe in Paris where it does not belong to the traditional coffee places because the coffee is not cheap here. Regular breakfast will cost around 85 Euros, that is more or less $100, but surely will satisfy your appetite. High profile personalities and celebrities dine to come to this cafe. So if it is your first time in Paris and looking for a first-rate cafe, you should check Cafe de la Paix which is situated just across the Opera house.Β 

Bloomsbury Cafe, Dubai

We just shared from our last blog the most trendy coffee shops in, Dubai, and they are not only stylish, but the city offers a lot of luxury coffee places, like the Bloomsbury Cafe. This cafe is where you can find the world most extraordinary cupcakes which cost a whopping $1000, and considered the world most expensive cupcake. Each cupcake is gold-infused and decorated with real edible golds. Their cupcakes alone is a symbol of luxury, in one bite.

Cafe Florian, Venice

Cafe Froilan is one of the oldest coffee shops in the world that had established in the 18th century. This coffee shop has a long history of serving coffee to the public, and it was the first-ever cafe to serve coffee for women, that is why if their price is higher than other cafes their great history adds an influential icon in Cafe Florian. If you would like to explore history while having a great cup of coffee, this coffee place is for you.

Café Gambrinus, Naples

Among all the cafes mentioned above the Cafe Gambrinus has the most exquisite interiors. This cafe is in Naples, Italy which they are known for their dreamy architecture design that resembles the Belle Epoch. This cafe is popular not only among locals and tourist, but personages like Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway loves this place. Their price is just fair for the lux ambiance where a cup of hot chocolate is about 10 Euros, and it is no doubt that their coffee is one of the best.