Is Coffee a Mood-Killer or an Aphrodisiac?


Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, have a special someone to cuddle up with – or plan on spending the evening alone watching Love Actually, we’d all love to spend the day feeling a little bit better. With today being a Friday, it makes it even greater to head home and curl up with that special someone – even if that someone is Hugh Grant. And, of course, you’ll have your favorite cup of coffee with you.

Have you wondered if coffee is considered a mood-killer or an aphrodisiac? Don’t pour that golden goodness down the drain – it actually is amazing for stimulating levels of dopamine in the body that create that feeling of pleasure and adrenaline!

  • Coffee also promotes blood flow and metabolism which is perfect for this special day and the physical exertion we often expose ourselves to (we meant your morning jog, of course).
  • According to a book called Temptations, people who drink coffee often have a more frequent sex life than those who don’t. There are no stats, so you’ll have to test this one yourself.
  • Coffee can also lower the chances of depression in adults. According to an article on Coffee and Health, “A study of 50,739 women (average age 63 years), part of the Nurses’ Health Study, suggested that women who consumed 2-3 or at least 4 cups of caffeinated coffee per day were, respectively, 15% or 20% less likely to develop depression, compared to those who drank at most one cup of caffeinated coffee per week. The consumption of decaffeinated coffee had no impact on depression risk. This observational study suggests the possibility of a protective effect of caffeine on depression risk.”
  • The caffeine itself in coffee can also do wonders for your libido and has actually been studied by the University of Texas to make a direct impact on a man’s chances to… erm.. get things going. If you want to make sure you’re getting the full benefit, stick to a shot of espresso or blond roast instead of green tea or dark roast coffee which have lower amounts of caffeine.
  • Caffeine is also well known for its calming effects. It can ease tension, promote tranquility, and provide that energetic arousal that more couples crave in their lives. It can definitely provide that perfect mood to feel confident in your body and promote that cuddly feeling inside.
  • Too much coffee can possibly have the opposite effect on your libido, so be sure to stick to one mug in the morning and save that extra happy mug for after your romantic dinner and before you and your significant other get curled up on the couch.

With your special mug of coffee tonight, try our red wine latte recipe here and add some chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream to your dessert plate. Both of these foods are also considered aphrodisiacs and they’re just plain romantic as well.