How to Write the Perfect Barista Job Description


If you run a coffee shop or café, you must know how hard it can be to find good staff that meets your requirements. In the same way, it can be quite overwhelming for professional baristas to locate the right opportunities. So, what piece of the puzzle is missing here? You guessed it right, the need for the perfect barista job description!

Writing a barista job description is an essential part of making your business run flawlessly. The ideal way to get the right person for your café is to enlist the traits you need in him/her before conducting an interview or placing an ad. Once you have prepared a list of traits, the next part is all formal and easy.

To get you started, you need to know the must-have traits for a good barista. So, let’s dive in!

Traits to Look For In a Barista

1. Organized

a bar

A professional barista is always organized. This means that he/she should be able to manage all the tasks efficiently so the customers won’t be disappointed. Organization is an essential trait, especially during the rush hours when customers want fast service without much delay.

2. Friendly

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No one wants to be served at a bar or café that has rude baristas. A good barista knows how to deal with the customers politely and friendly. A friendly barista knows that he is, in large part, and his friendliness plays a vital role in making customer’s experience pleasurable.

3. Cleanliness

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Customers don’t like the food served in an unhygienic environment by people who are not clean. Therefore, cleanliness is one of the most important traits you should look for in a barista as a coffee shop owner or manager. From floors to counters to the barista himself, the cleanliness plays a vital role in making the customers feel good.

4. Good Communication Skills

a barista talking to the customer

A good barista should know how to communicate with customers effectively. If a customer has a query, the barista should answer it with relevant information to satisfy the customer.

5. Adaptable


Baristas often have to cater to customized orders. Sometimes, customers may ask to prepare something off the menu; therefore, he/she should be adaptable to provide the required service. The barista needs to put his/her own preferences aside and provide according to the customer’s likes and dislikes.

Writing the Perfect Barista Job Description

At this point, you know what important traits to look for in a barista. Now, let’s talk about how you can use these traits to write the perfect barista job description for your café or bar.

1. Job Title

You should keep the job title as simple as possible. To draw the most attention, your job description should be under 80 characters. Start with a simple job title: Barista. This title is both descriptive and straightforward.

2. Job Summary

This is the section where you should place all the traits of a great barista we discussed above. Start the job summary by saying something about your café or bar and the role the prospective employee will play. Listing as many traits as possible in this section will help the job seeker determine if it’s the right job for him/her to apply for.

3. Responsibilities & Duties

In this section, you need to clearly state the responsibilities and duties the prospective employee will have to perform regularly. Don’t mention everything that the employee has to do daily – only talk about the main ones.

4. Qualifications & Skills

The job description’s final section is where you list things like education, skills, experience, personality traits, and necessary certifications.

And yes, don’t forget to include some characteristics of a great barista in this section, too, such as “friendly,” “organized,” “prompt,” or anything that can help describe the traits of a good barista.

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