House of Small Wonder | Berlin Germany | Lovers Coffee Review

Inside House of Small Wonder, Berlin
Photo credit to House of Small Wonder

Why does this coffee shop in Berlin is called a whimsical place for coffee lovers? A coffee place called the House of Small Wonder, in Berlin is not your typical coffee shop, because this place offers more than just a cup of coffee experience.

Berlin is a beautiful country to explore with an uprising number of coffee shops in the city. There are over 40 specialty coffee shops, and cafe’s bringing travelers a wonderful experience, but if you are looking for a place that offers more than just a cup of coffee experience the House of Small Wonder, in Johannisstr Berlin is a coffee shop to visit.

The House of Small Wonder is a calm, relaxed, urban jungle cafe in the buzzing business district in central Berlin. Upon entering different kinds of plants welcomes the visitors on their doorsteps, creating a refreshed happy feeling. Inside is a vintage old house vibe with large stained windows creating a beautiful array of light entering the cafe, and a lot of plants are everywhere devising a greenhouse impression to the house. It is absolutely a wonderful place to hang out with friends or have some afternoon delight with coffee and pastries because if you are already inside the house of small wonders, you will surely forget the time and stay there for more.

“I would definitely want to visit this place over and over again, simply because of the great, peaceful atmosphere. I loved the interior design, the concept of all-day brunch and the staff was really nice! – Josephine H. “ Yelp

Aside from the plants scattered around, the center of attraction is the immense spiral staircases which creates a whimsical feeling, and sure thing it is also an Instagram worthy spot.

“The environment is really cute and cozy! The ground floor has a rotating stair to go upstairs. There are flowers and plans all over around. In the weekend is kinda packed, but if you come around 10, there’re still seats. My favorite dish is egg Benedicttaco rice is also very delicious! And the matcha latte and cakes are my must! Not too sweet! -Vivian L.”Yelp

The House of Small Wonder opened its first flagship store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2010 with success from the first store they opened their second location in Johanisstrasse Berlin.

The cafe is not only a house of wonder, but they also have a unique menu which is inspired by Japanese cuisine from co-owner Motoko Watanabe.

Their menu choices are a joyful delight which patron and visitors truly appreciate the comfort of organic food, homemade bread, croissants and pastries, and freshly made salads. Their drinks menu also offers a variety of choices from classic Espresso to Iced Cafe’ Latte and a favorite by most patrons is their matcha lattes. The hospitality of the people working in the cafe also shines with customers adding warmth and comfort in the House of Small Wonders.

“Had an excellent time at this quirky little breakfast place. I was only in Berlin for one whole day, but I really enjoyed eating here. It was worth the time! – Amanda Y” – Yelp