Elan Cafe in London | Coffee Shop Review

The iconic flower wall inside Elan Cafe London
Photo credits via Elancafe FB

What do you look for a coffee shop, is it the unique ambiance, aesthetic look, colorful latte, or the Instagramable? What if there is one coffee shop where you can experience all of it? The Elan Cafe in London is the most Instagrammable cafe in the world.

London is also one of the best cities where you can enjoy beautiful coffee shops and a great cup of coffee. Almost all nooks around the city you can spot a good coffee shop to order espresso or latte with a serving of croissant. Nowadays coffee shop is not only a store for coffee, but because of the upscale competition coffee shops today’s needs to be buzzworthy, when it comes to their social media presence. Like the Elan Cafe in London knows what the internet loves. This coffee shop is Instagram worthy in all its corners, where coffee lovers visiting the place has an awe reaction.

The iconic flower wall inside Elan Cafe London
Photo credits via Elancafe FB

Elan Cafe, London is on the hype in their social media game with all the pinks, and flower power of this coffee shop it is sure to have thousands of likes, shares, and followers.

Elan Cafe opened its doors in August 2017, founded by Alexandra Miller. It does not take long before this new cafe opened its second location, and took social media by storm, and it was the talk of the town. Many celebrities and high profile personalities are visiting this beautiful cafe.

Why it was hailed the most Instagrammed Cafe in London?

Even when you are not a pink lover walking inside the Elan Cafe will surely leave you with astonishment. The cafe is in all pink theme interior with accents of pastel colors. Also, their food, especially their pastry, is deliciously pleasing to the eye which what makes people draw their attention to go inside. The entire place feels so romantic, which is a perfect place for a first coffee date or a spot to hang out with your girlfriends. Inside the cafe has a model of a cherry blossom tree, with their iconic flower wall that makes everyone stop to pose and take a picture, everything inside Elan Cafe is coherent and cohesive from their aesthetic design to their food, lattes, and pastries which makes the most Instagrammed cafe in London.

Elan Cafe is not only about the gram, but they also offer a topnotch dining experience from food, drinks, and your favorite cup of coffee. Elan Cafe has a variety of pastries that goes with the coffee menu. They also serve breakfast and brunch that is influenced by Middle Eastern flavors and grab-and-go food.

There are already six locations of Elan Cafe around London, and every shop will certainly give the hype of experience. Elan Cafe first store location is on Brompton Road, which is the largest store followed by the Park Lane café.

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The founder Alexandra clearly understand the pulse of the masses on what’s hot and trending in today’s generation, it is not only good food and service but with strong PR, and social media presence a business will surely flourish.