Coffee Pairings with Comfort Food

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Coffee is a well-loved beverage to partner with almost any food from breakfast to dessert coffee is a perfect beverage to combo with your meal at any time of the day.

If you think that you can only pair your coffee to your pastry then you better read this blog till the end of the line. I will be sharing with you some coffee hacks on how to pair your cup of coffee to your favorite food.

Coffee and Chocolates

When it comes to coffee pairing chocolates is one of the long-standing classic favorites by many. From brewed coffee, espresso. coffee mocha and coffee lattes make a perfect sense for chocolates.

Here are some coffee and chocolate yummies that you can definitely enjoy at home or order to your local coffee shop.

Chocolate Cake – It is heavenly paired with medium to dark roast coffees with no sugar. Chocolate mousse cake is delicious when paired to Arabica Coffee and vanilla bean iced chocolate cupcakes are most wonderful with Columbian coffee.

Milk Chocolates – Almost all types of coffee can deliciously pair with milk chocolate but Colombian, Kenyan, Sumatran, Ethiopian, and Kona are the best coffee to pair with milk chocolates.

White Chocolate – There is a difference between white chocolate and milk chocolate. White chocolate is milder in taste and ideal to pair with Columbian,Costa Rican, and Yemeni coffees.

Coffee and Baked Yummies

Have you ever notice why every time you order a doughnut or croissant you always need a cup of coffee? This is because baked goodies and coffee are good together.

Here are more ways you can enjoy your coffee and baked goodies.

Biscotti – Not just for Italians but this baked goody is the most popular pairing for coffee. Biscotti comes in a variety of flavor to suit almost any palate. Full flavored biscotti is heavenly with espresso but almond is the classic and cherry, chocolate and other flavors are also worth trying.

Cakes – when it comes to cake black coffee and black forest is my favorite as well as New York cheesecake with Americano is also great. Another fantastic cake pairing is the carrot cake paired with Columbian coffee. Cakes and coffee pairings are classic and I bet they are your favorite too.

Cinnamon Buns – the perfect coffee fit for cinnamon buns are the Guatemalan and Columbian coffees.

Croissant – French press coffee is an ideal pair with croissant but Café au lait is undeniably amazing to pair with it.

Doughnuts – Like the biscotti, doughnuts is another well-loved by many to pair with coffee. The sweet, milky and sugary taste of doughnut are perfectly blended with almost any type of coffee, but Costa Rican coffee works best for doughnuts.

Sweet Bread – Zucchini bread with nuts is amazing with Colombian. Banana nut bread is great with Costa Rican, Kenyan or Kona coffee, and pumpkin bread with nuts is incredible with Colombian or Costa Rican coffee.

Breakfast Food pairings

Coffee is always paired with our breakfast meals and here are few breakfast coffee pairings that go beyond the basics.

Eggs, bacon, and sausage – An American style breakfast that is greatly paired with medium roast Costa Rican coffee.

Omelets with mushroom and basil – Omelet is really good for a brunch type of meal, and to bring out more the omelet flavor you can pair this with Java, Sumatran or Indonesian coffee.

Oatmeal – At first I was skeptical to try this oatmeal and coffee pairings, But when I tried it oh boy! I love it! Ligh-roast Kona and Nicaraguan coffee is a perfect pair for a cup of oatmeal.

Pancakes with maple syrup – this is one of my favorite breakfast, it reminds me of my mother’s pancakes when I was little. She always makes the pancakes tastier and top it with maple syrup plus a cup of coffee will bring the flavors all together.

Wheat Toast – My favorite coffee to pair with this grainy breakfast is a cup of cappuccino, it is light and simple, perfect for an everyday meal.

There are more lovely meals, pastries, and chocolate that you can pair with coffee, but by far these are my favorites. Try it and enjoy!

The Perfect Food Pairings For Your Coffee. ☕

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