Coffee Lovers’ 10 Best Muffin Recipes

Zucchini Muffins with Coconut-Cashew Streusel

Muffin is one of those food items that can be customized according to your taste and choice – and these muffin recipes are loved by everyone regardless of their age. If you like to be unique in the kitchen and always want to serve your loved ones the best food, muffins are a great option. You can make them sweet, savory, small, big, or whatever you prefer.

From blueberry muffins to scallion-corn muffins, I have gathered the 10 best muffin recipes that everyone will love. So, let’s get started.

1. Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins

If you want to make the most delicious muffins without too much effort, this is the recipe you will admire. To make blueberry muffins, all you need to do is mix the dry and wet ingredients separately and then combine them later. And yes, don’t forget to get the batter into the oven immediately after making it because it has baking soda that lightens muffins.

To read the full recipe, click here.

2. Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Muffins

If your love for pumpkin pies and literally everything made of pumpkin has no bounds, then you must try this muffin recipe. These pumpkin muffins are moist, lightly spiced, and have a cream filling that your taste buds will love. Complement these muffins with the cinnamon crumbs on the top, and you have yourself a perfect recipe.

Read the full recipe here.

3. Chocolate Chip and Banana Muffins

Chocolate Chip and Banana Muffins

Do you have overripe bananas lying in your fridge or kitchen shelf? If you do, then how about we make delicious muffins out of them? They are easy to make, and there is very little prep time (15 minutes more or less). To add extra crunch, taste, and protein, you can also use chopped toasted pecans.

For the full recipe, click here.

4. Pimento Cheese Muffins

Pimento Cheese Muffins

Muffins are soft and silky but add cheese into the batter, and you will have cheesy and peppery flavors in every bite. These pimento cheese muffins don’t just look good but also taste heavenly. If you like creamy and savory muffins, then this recipe shouldn’t be missed.

Click here to read the full recipe.

5. Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins

Have you ever eaten a sour cream coffee cake? If you haven’t but want to taste the awesomeness of it, you can make its muffin version at home. It looks good, has crunch in every bite, and tastes out of this world!

Oh yes, don’t forget to pair these muffins with a cup of your favorite coffee (mine is cappuccino).

Check out the full recipe here.

6. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

If your doctor has told you to avoid gluten-free food items, this pumpkin muffin recipe is for you. You have to let the streusel and batter rest at room temperature because you have to use gluten-free flour in this recipe that needs time to absorb liquid. However, the payoff for your patience will be great! The end results will be soft, moist, and crumby muffins.

For the full recipe, click here.

7. White Chocolate–Walnut Muffins

White Chocolate–Walnut Muffins

Just imagine the combination of walnuts and white chocolate on your tongue? If this doesn’t excite your taste buds, then God knows what will. You will experience it for yourself when the baked white chocolate muffin with walnuts melts in your mouth. It will be toasty, caramelized, and just irresistible!

Click here for the full recipe.

8. Scallion-Corn Muffins

These delicious muffins get their taste from scallions and corn kernels. This recipe isn’t just easy to prepare but also tastes quite great.

Check it out here.

9. Zucchini Muffins with Coconut-Cashew Streusel

Zucchini Muffins with Coconut-Cashew Streusel

What do you feel when you look at these muffins? Tasty, creamy, or moist? Well, let me tell you that these muffins with a combination of Zucchini and coconut and cashew streusel feel out of this world in your mouth. The key here is to follow the recipe thoroughly and serve them as shown in the picture.

To read the full recipe, click here.

10. Sausage-and-Cheddar Muffins

Sausage-and-Cheddar Muffins

If you don’t like those more typical sweet muffins, this recipe will suit your taste buds the most. These savory muffins with the combination of sausage and cheddar sound great for breakfast, right?

For the full recipe, click here.

I hope you liked all these muffin recipes! If you have some more in mind, I would love to hear those. 

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