Best Coffee Shops for freelancers with Wifi Connection

meeting in a coffee shop
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

With the growth of freelance jobs, coffee shops have become the ultimate modern caveman sanctuary where it is a place for everyone to do their work or catch up with family and friends while drinking their favorite coffee. One of the factors coffee lovers are looking for a coffee shop is a strong wifi connection because it is a fact these days that even it is a bad coffee, as long as there are coffee and good wifi connection, they are right on the alley. As freelancing work is becoming popular, there is a need for good coffee shops with a strong internet connection where remote workers can spend time leisurely to finish their work while enjoying cups of coffee and a slice of pastry.

Here are the Best Coffee Shops for freelancers with wifi connection. 

The Butcher’s Daughter, Brooklyn

This coffee shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn is ideal for freelancers where they can work all day from morning till evening, and enjoy avocado toast and coffee, and their free and high-speed wifi. You don’t need to worry even you work all day in this coffee shop because they also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is pretty awesome for freelance workers.

Address: 271 Metropolitan Ave,Brooklyn, NY 11211

Delicious Raw, Miami

Another good coffee shop for freelance workers where they can stay all day and do their job while enjoying healthy food and snacks, juice, and coffee. Delicious Raw does not only have strong wifi and good food, but the place gives convenience to their costumers with plush seating and communal tables in a living room-style setting.

What’s more impressive in the Delicious Raw is the staff walks around giving free samples of brain-boosting elixirs, healthful beverages such as the golden turmeric latte, hot and iced coffees, made-from-scratch bites, and raw juices, which is great to help you decide what to order next.

Address: 1828 Bay Rd., Miami Beach

Not Just Coffee, North Carolina

Not Just Coffee is a freelancer friendly coffee shop in Charlotte City North Carolina that serves lattes and pour-overs to keep you energized while working. They also serve meals like waffles and charcuterie plates, and classy cocktail drinks if you want something refreshing after long hours of work.

Address: 2230 Park Road, Suite 102 Charlotte , North Carolina

The Boy and The Bear

With a lot of cool coffee shops in L.A, it is hard to choose which shop to go, but if you are a freelance worker, and looking for a place to sit for hours to finish your job with a cup of coffee The Boy and The Bear is a good place to be. They have free wifi, plush leather sofas, a handful of stand-alone chairs and tables, power outlets were to plug your cellphones and laptops, and of course a good coffee menu, with pastries and chocolates.

Address: 350 N. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach.

Hodgepodge, Atlanta

A cozy and spacious coffee shop where you can focus and finish your work. Hodgepodge, in Atlanta, has a homey atmosphere that is perfect for freelance workers.

Aside from the snug atmosphere, Hodgepodge has an impressive menu of coffee concoctions, and a variety of eats, like Emerald City bagels, Ashley Sue’s homemade “pop-tarts,” and cheddar-chive biscuits. And if you a book lover, they also have a variety of books from Atlanta Zine Library, with over 200 volumes of zines made by Atlanta artists and writers that you can read in.