Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo North Dakota | Coffee Shop Review

Beans Coffee Bar Fargo North Dakota Coffee Varieties
Photo Via Beans Coffee Bar Facebook

Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo North Dakota a homey coffee shop to get your java, and to enjoy their famous mini donuts that go well with any types of their coffee.

North Dakota is one of the largest states in the midwestern of the United States, where it is known for its large scale farm area and abundant production of spring and durum wheat, agricultural products which are sunflowers, barley, rye, dry beans, oats, honey, flaxseed, sugar beets, hay, cows, sheep, and pigs.

Thou, the area is bountiful in agricultural goods it is the fourth smallest state in population, but a country which also caters a great cup of coffee. There are a lot of coffee shops around North Dakota, but one of the unique coffee shops to visit is the Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo.

The Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo North Dakota is a nice coffee shop where you can feel the metro in the countryside. This coffee shop is where coffee lovers can get their daily coffee fix with their large variety of options for their coffee, tea, and smoothie beverages.

Their coffee options always come with their signature mini donuts on top which perfectly compliments with the sweetness of the coffee. The popular mini donuts come in a dozen bag, or a bucket full of donuts with your choice of Cinnamon-n-Sugar or Powdered Sugar!

Beans Coffee Bar is owned by Heidi Holland who envisioned to start her coffee shop journey after her dad passed away in 2004, she opened her first coffee shop in honor to her loving dad. Heidi said, “He was the greatest and most addicted coffee lover I’ve ever known…I’ve been envisioning “his” coffee shop in my head for years.”

Heidi Holland, owner of Beans and Coffee Bar in Fargo | Photo credits to West Fargo Pioneer

Now Heidi’s vision came all to reality. The name of the coffee shop Beans Coffee Bar was inspired by Heidi’s nickname “beans” that was given by her dad.

The Beans Coffee bar is now operating three locations in Fargo serving the area Veterans Location, University Location and in the North Fargo district.

Each location of the Beans Coffee Bar will make you fill that you are in the metro. The coffee shop has a family-friendly atmosphere making it kids friendly to your little ones while you enjoy your delicious treat of mini donuts and a hot cup of coffee.

The coffee shop has many power outlets with A/C and USB connectors which is convenient when you are finishing your presentation or homework. Since the Beans Coffee bar has large space, it also an ideal location to accommodate small events or business meetings.

Not only the roomy place, the lovely owner, the mini donuts which are superb and the wide variety of beverages, but Beans Coffee Bar friendly staffs gain them winsome.

Aside from the combo of their coffee and mini donuts Beans Coffee Bar offers also cold beverages such as their Cold Press Java, Sparkling Soda, Beanie Breeze – Black & White, and to name some. They too have bagels which are also an excellent pair of coffee, muffins, cakes, cookies, and other desserts bread.

If you are planning to visit North Dakota anytime soon or in the future, you already know where to go to get your jolt of java, you can choose from the three locations of Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo.