10 Best Coffee bar Ideas for Your Kitchen

A person putting black coffee into a mug

If you love your coffee just as much as I do and wish to have a coffee bar in your kitchen, this is the perfect guide for you. I know how refreshing it is to see all your coffee essentials organized in a single place instead of seeing them scattered here and there. Once you have a beautiful little coffee setup in your kitchen, you won’t have to walk down the street for a cup of morning coffee.

So, without any further ado, let me share with you these adorable coffee bar ideas that you will surely love!

1. Side Coffee Bar

If you want a cozy little place on the side to make your coffee bar, then this setup is perfect for you. It is both compact and offers a lot to coffee lovers. You can opt for wall mounted floating shelves to put a jar of coffee beans, mugs, and other essentials.
The best thing about this coffee bar is that you will have a lot of storage space to store various coffee stuff.

2. Cabinet Coffee Station

If you don’t want to invest so much money into your separate coffee area, you can have a look at this one. The thing that I love about this setup is that you don’t even need to designate a specific area to install this bar in your kitchen. Moreover, it blends well with the rest of your kitchen.

It can be your one-stop shop for both coffee and breakfast in the morning.

3. The Ultimate Coffee Bar

If you have an empty space in your lounge or kitchen that you want to convert into a coffee bar, then this idea would work best for you. You can install shelves and a side counter along with bar chairs for your friends and family to have a good time in your house. Not just coffee, but you can also serve their favorite drink here.

4. Convert a Closet

This one is another amazing coffee bar idea that doesn’t require its own room or counter. All you need to have is a small closet or a spacious cabinet in your kitchen. And yes, don’t forget to put tea ingredients as well, in case your guests don’t like coffee (that would be rare).

5. Open Coffee Bar Setup

Don’t want to designate a cabinet, closet, or even a table in your kitchen for the coffee bar setup? No worries, check out this one. Simply install a rod a floating shelf to hang your favorite coffee mugs and teacups. To upgrade the look, you can also install LED lights or an LED light strip.

This setup will allow you to make your morning coffee while preparing a delicious breakfast.

6. Coffee Cart

I love this one! Guess why? Because I could easily roll it anywhere, wherever I want to. For example, if I want to serve piping hot coffee to my guests in the lounge while having a chat with them, I can easily take all my coffee essentials in the lounge and prepare coffee without leaving them alone. You can place your coffee mugs, machines, and condiments on this cart for easy access.

7. Turn Your Desk into a Coffee Bar

Do you have a desk lying around in your house that you don’t use anymore? If you do, then turn it into a coffee bar! First, see if it requires a paint job. Once painted, you can then install wooden shelves along with EMAISON Coffee Mug Holder. This will complete the look of your personal mini coffee bar in the kitchen.

The best thing I like about this setup is that you can recycle your old, messy, unused desk and convert it into something useful.

8. Coffee Corner

If you are not into big, bulky coffee stations, then you might like this idea. It is an excellent option for all those who don’t have extra space for a cart for a full coffee station. Take one corner of your kitchen and convert it into a coffee area. This area features a mug rack and wood crate to complete the look.

9. Minimalist Coffee Cart

Avoid cluttering your kitchen by keeping everything minimalist. All you need is a simple rolling cart where you can put your coffee maker, sugar bowl, mugs, and creamer. For the final touch, put faux flowers and a coffee print sign in the background to complete the look.

10. Mini Lighted Coffee Bar

I like this coffee bar idea a lot because it is a perfect choice for a dorm or small apartment. It is stained with espresso to provide the coffee vibes a coffee lover is after. Turn off all the lights in your kitchen or lounge and turn on the bar’s lights to create an aesthetic look.