The Coffee Ramen


Another epic coffee creation buzzes the internet.

After the release of the coffee made from activated charcoal that buzzes the internet earlier this year here comes to a new coffee sensation that is buzzing the internet again it is called the Coffee-men by New York City’s Round K Coffee.Round K Owner Ockhyeon Byeon (who goes by Ock) has gotten even more experimental with the drink menu, now offering a ramen-inspired deconstructed drink. Ock says this new coffee drink evokes his own memories of autumn in Korea.

The recipe begins with a marmalade-candied chestnut at the bottom of the cup, which is topped by layers of a sweet potato and chestnut purée with almond paste and cinnamon squeezed out to resemble a bed of ramen noodles, followed by another candied chestnut with two tiny pieces of crispy bacon. The bed is then drowned in broth, which in this case is actually a single-origin pour over.

According to Ock, when the cup is swirled a few times, the purée dissolves to combine with the coffee, resulting in not a bowl of ramen but a coffee beverage.

What do you think about this new coffee drink? Will you try it or not?

Source: dailycoffeenews