Exploring China’s Coffee

Chinese coffee on rainy days

The Chinese art through coffee.

China is known as the land of the divine they have a rich culture and know for their great Kung Fu, and they are also known as tea lovers.

There’s an old saying in China about the seven necessities for starting one’s day: “kāi mén qī jiàn shì, chái mǐ yóu yán jiàng cù chá (开门七件事, 柴米油盐酱醋茶)”. For the record that’s firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce (usually soy), vinegar and, of course, tea.

Tea, “Chá (茶)”, holds a special and unique place in Chinese culture, which is definitely saying something when your culture is 4,000+ years old and claims over a billion and a half adherents.

Tea culture in China will never fade away because this is one of their treasure that they can pass to next generations.

We know that tea is an important drink to Chinese people, but did you know that China has also a unique culture when it comes to their coffee? Yes, that’s right, coffee in China is serve showing China’s rich culture.

Let’s take a look to some of China’s amazing art through coffee.

Nanjing Yunjin

Starbucks China
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Nanjing Yunjin is an ancient Chinese brocade made in the city. The exquisite jacquard silk fabric was only available to the imperial family. But today you can find it at Starbucks. Get the limited edition Star Card and have a piece of Nanjing before it is gone.

Rainy coffee

Chinese coffee on rainy days
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Stepped into the rainy days, when plum is ripe at Yangtze River area. Have a cup of rainy coffee in the rainy season is a good treat. Put a hot black coffee right below the cloud-shaped cotton sugar, and the melting sugar will drop in the coffee like rain drops. The vanishment of the cloud is so healing that all troubles will fade away with it.

Lufu Shangpin Café

Lufu Shangpin Café in CHina
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Coffee culture in Nanjing can be well-interpreted through its cafés. Each one represents a facet of the city’s charm. Lufu Shangpin Café is the one combining art with coffee. You won’t realize it is a café at the first sight, as it filled with oil paintings hanging on the wall. Classic artsy figures can also be found on the coffee cup. What a place to toast to life through a cup of coffee.

Chines Coffee Cups

Chinese Coffee Cups

Chinese coffee cups are so lovely, that seems like you are having an everyday coffee party.

Latte Art

3D Latte art

They have an exquisite style of creating their Latte art.

As a coffee lover, it’s amazing to see this kind of rich culture through coffee.

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