Coffee Shops In Dubai

Coffee Shops in Dubai

Where to drink coffee when you’re in Dubai?

Dubai is said to be the “the land of the riches” that is why many were intrigued to visit the city and see luxurious cars, a lion inside a Ferrari, go on luxury shopping, see the ultra modern architecture, and experience the lively nightlife scene. These are just some of the things you can experience when you visit the city of Dubai.

Though Duba is known for luxury things from cars to architecture, did you know that the city has more to offer especially for the coffee lovers?

Dubai is in the Arab country which has a rich culture when it comes to coffee. The Middle East is known for their Arabic coffee, and it is a part of the habits and traditions of Arabs to drink coffee. Arabic coffee is the most famous coffee in the Arab countries. In every Arab house, they have Arabic coffee with a distinctive flavor.

With what being said that coffee is a tradition in the Arab country there’s no surprise that they also have the best coffee shops that serve the best coffee.

So, if you are in Dubai or planning a trip there here’s a list of coffee houses in the city that is worth a visit.

Tom & Serg

Tom & Serg Cafe in Dubai
Tom & Serg, Al Joud Center, Al Quoz

The duo behind this cafe is serious about their coffee. This Al Quoz warehouse comes equipped with an open kitchen and coffee bars, offering up fresh, nutritious food and great coffee to the masses. Their head barista has been perfecting the art of coffee-making for over 15 years, and they even make sure their coffee is served at a certain temperature – just don’t for any fancy milk other than normal or almond.

Mokha 1450

Mokha 1450 Dubai Coffee Shop
Mokha 1450, Al Wasl Road.

If you want to taste the real Arab coffee you better visit this place. Dubbing their cafe as ‘the heart of coffee’, Mokha 1450 is committed to serving rare and superior specialty coffees in an attempt to ‘echo the sincere traditions of early coffee culture’

Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds Dubai Coffee Shop
Stomping Grounds, Villa 98, 12D Street, Jumeirah 1.

A brand new haunt for coffee-lovers situated in a villa in Jumeirah 1. Stomping Grounds offers up fresh food and treats, with an intricate selection of coffees to choose from, all of which are fair trade and organic.

Book Munch Café

Book Munch Café Dubai Coffee Shop
Al Wasl Square, Jumeirah

For bibliophiles, there’s nothing more relaxing better than a hot drink and a good book to bury your nose into. That was the idea when a café was opened alongside the Book Munch Bookshop. After exploring shelves of fiction and non-fiction for their preferred slice of literary magic, book lovers can recline in the café and enjoy coffee, tea, mocktails and homemade ice tea. The café also serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and a hearty selection of sweet treats for those who lose track of time, plus picnic baskets complete with rugs for those who’d rather recline on the grass in the nearby Safa Park.

Café Rider

Café Rider Dubai Coffee Shop
Café Rider, Warehouse 7, Umm Suqeim Road, Dubai, UAE,

This cafe is hard to spot, but if you are looking for something new that offers good food, motorbikes, and apparel this cafe is worth to visit. The warehouse-based café is a part bike shop, part café, and part apparel store. But don’t let the rugged interiors fool you – you can spot anyone from a businessman to a family with small kids enjoying their great coffee and roast.

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