Best Summer Coffee Cocktails That You Must Try Right Now.


We know coffee cocktails is one of your favorite topics because who doesn’t like coffee and cocktails anyway?

These coffee and cocktail is I guess a perfect combination to define the perfect summer. Coffee cocktails are popular drinks to coffee shops this season. Baristas from coast to coast are stepping up their game in making exquisite coffee cocktails, from innovating bitters, garnishes, fruits, and fizzes as creative coffee concoctions abound today in many coffee shops.

We want to share with you these amazing coffee cocktails around the country that are a quench worthy this summer.

Espresso Old-Fashioned by Everyman Espresso, New York

Sam Lewontin of Everyman Espresso has developed several iterations of this drink, which is no longer on the rotating and creative seasonal drinks menu of New York’s Chalait Teahouse, but delicious nonetheless. Everyman has two locations — on 301 East Broadway and in the East Village — as well as an Everyman-to-go catering service.

Counter Culture Ethiopia Idido espresso
Orange bitters
Simple syrup
Orange garnish

Colada Fizz by Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Annapolis, Md.

Photo by Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony Coffee Roasters is soon releasing their summer cocktails in a few weeks. The Colada Fizz — as well as another drink you’ll see later down the list — was the result of an in-house cocktail competition. The two winning recipes were chosen for the summer menu. A play off the Piña Colada, the drink is breezy and refreshing.

Ceremony Destroyer Espresso
Fresh pineapple
Coconut sugar
Coconut water
Carbonated water
Black cherries

Espresso Tonic with Rosemary by Neptune Coffee, Seattle

Coffee Tonics has become popular during the Spring time, and because everybody loves it so much the Neptune Coffee, Seattle decided to keep their Espresso Tonic with Rosemary on their menu full-time. The drink has become so popular that everybody is craving for it.

Spyhouse Coffee Agua Blanca espresso
Tonic water
Sprig of rosemary

Hendrick’s by Five Watt Coffee, Minneapolis

Five Watt Coffee has an extensive list of specialty coffee cocktails, including this one, made with Kickapoo Coffee‘s cold brew.

Kickapoo cold brew
Juniper + basil simple syrup
Grapefruit bitters

Blood Rush by CocoaCinnamon, Durham, N.C.

Photo by CocoaCinnamon

Two of brunch’s most beloved drinks daringly combined into a unified whole. This is, worth a try!

Indonesian cold brew coffee
CocoaCinnamon homemade bloody mary mix (tomato juice, malabar black pepper, ginger root, cumin)
Topped with parsley

Black and Tonic by Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters, Calgary

This new café features a menu called “From the Lab” that includes new concoctions from baristas.

Fever Tree Tonic
Concentrated Cold Brew
Black Cherry Juice

The Morning Woodford by The Daily Press, Charlotte, N.C.

Photo by The Daily Press

It looks good, and really tastes good! The Daily Press has been a prolific creator of coffee cocktails. They have created over 30 cocktails to date. This is one of their most popular and has become a staple on the menu.

Counter Culture Coffee Ethiopia Idido Iced Pourover
Woodford Reserve Bourbon-infused local honey
Lavender, Hibiscus, and oak crude bitters
Shaken and dusted with Dutch cocoa powder

Coffee Soda by PublicUS, Las Vegas

PublicUS is a canteen-style restaurant and coffee bar in the Fremont East District of Downtown Las Vegas. Their coffee soda, a take on the espresso and tonic, has a sweet kick and lemony twist.

Double shot of espresso
Lemon verbana
simple syrup
Q tonic water

Main Squeeze by CocoaCinnamon, Durham, N.C.

Photo by CocoaCinnamon

Another coffee cocktail drink by CocoaCinnamon, Durham, N.C. that is a must try. The shop is known for their creative concoctions using chocolates, teas, and spices from around the world. The Main Squeeze is a light, refreshing summertime drink that is as simple as it is delicious.

Heart Roasters Stereo Espresso
San Pellegrino sparkling Aranciata soda

SoCo Sparkler by High Five Coffee Bar, Asheville, N.C.

Photo by High Five

This specialty shop in Asheville has a consistent flow of “Barista’s Choice” cocktails on their updated menu. From there comes the peachy SoCo sparkler, featuring an espresso from the shop’s coffee supplier, Counter Culture.

Counter Culture Apollo espresso
House-made sweet peach tea
Soda water

Which coffee cocktails do you like best?Comment down your pick! Enjoy the summer!

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