Bali Indonesia Coffee Escapade


Your ultimate guide to Bali Coffee shops

Bali is the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago, with good reason. Here you’ll experience a fine combination of sandy beaches and rolling surf, an ancient culture known for its warm hospitality, and exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops.

Aside from the amazing scenery of Bali the island also offers unique coffee shops that you can hop in while you’re on vacation.

Here are five Bali coffee shops that are must visit.

Revolver Espresso

Rovolver Espresso Cafe Bali
Revolver Espresso IG

This coffee shop has gained rave reviews views for good reason. It is said that this is one of the best coffee shops in Seminyak. Revolver goes all-out on decoration, with artsy murals and beaming lights. Local and foreign coffee enthusiasts swear by this place’s exquisite coffee, both their house blend and single origin.

Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird Cafe Bali
Hungry Bird IG

This cafe is popular among coffee addicts and digital nomads, this cozy coffee shop offers both quality coffee beans from across Indonesia and an ambiance comfortable enough that you can stay there all day. Located in the surfer town of Canggu, Hungry Bird embraces the hip and youthful atmosphere with an open and modern interior. It also serves delicious meals for breakfast and lunch.

Corner House

Corner House Cafe Bali
Corner House IG

Another place to visit in Seminyak, this place has become a favorite hideaway to relax, eat a satisfying breakfast, and sip great coffee. Besides coffee-based drinks, Corner House also serves an impressive selection of tea and main courses. Visitors can sit indoors or outdoors, to bask in Bali’s warm sunlight.

Suka Espresso

Suka Espresso Bali
Suka Espresso IG

Both locals and international tourists are impressed by this coffee place for the outstanding service and thoughtful staff. The coffees are made to perfection and are well accompanied by delightful meals. Located in the beach neighborhood of Uluwatu, the minimalist and laid-back ambiance is a perfect place to relax in between beach excursions.

The Moose Espresso Bar

The Moose Espresso Bar Bali
The Moose Espresso Bar FB

This espresso bar reflects a lively hipster vibe, inviting young crowds to hang out and relax in the cozy space. The Moose Espresso Bar is also known for its quirky decoration and impressive latte art.

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